Why does my GP say abnormal blood tests are OK for me?

Does anyone else have this?

I changed my Rheumy when she consistently was unsupportive in meetings, not listening to how I was when the others who saw me in her absence were the opposite, my daughter who accompanies me was shocked. Since then my GP has not been supportive either. She doesn't know that I was told just how many internal meetings she has with the old one following my decision.

Now I am told my blood tests are normal when they aren't. She explains that my blood tests are abnormal but normal for me?! I rang for some results as I am taking Methotrexate and the person at the Surgery told me that my worst results were the liver function and bone function and a note was beside it saying it was being monitored.

As this is not being even discussed with me, I think I can only get worse.

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I am told this when I have my bloods checked. When they say it is normal for you, it means they have it under control. Assuming you have a diagnosis, the markers wouldn't show the same as someone who has no medical condition. For instance normal range is around 11(if I remember correctly) mine is normal at 21, it has been 84 which is when things are going haywire. We are all different and have our own 'range'.

I've had the gp panic saying its high and me go "oh that's ok for me it has been higher" whilst your liver function and bone function aren't correct the bit that is reassuring is they added it's being monitored.

I know it can be scary when they tell you results, do ask what does that mean? Doctors and consultants are under so much pressure that sometimes they forget that they are speaking to people that don't always understand the terminology and to them everything is ok but to us, who are feeling rubbish and want answers as it's our body and health, worry as you've just been told your bloods aren't normal.

I always check my blood form, so I know what is being checked, then when the results come in ask for the numbers (it does surprise them) this is the way I can tell if everything is ok. I've looked at the screen and it's had three red lines, bad for some but not for me because when you look at the history it's all ok.

Sorry this is a bit long winded, I hope it helps a bit.

Next time you Have an appointment (great that you have someone with you) write down your questions before you go or write a letter asking your questions.

Hope you have a good day 😊


hi chris: my feeling is that you've done a great job explaining this quite complicated issue. i've been trying to understand it for years re what drs have been calling my 'normal' low bloods results. on monday last, a vvvv good immunologist did the best job of explaining this to me...she finally helped me 'get' this issue, and your explanation pretty much reinforces her explanation...i think you've been v clear & concise. thanks so much. i hope iona has benefitted too.


Hi, when you say blood form do you mean you ask for all the results?


I personally do and the receptionist is very good. But as someone else mentioned we all choose what is best for ourselves as we do have different ways at looking at things.

If you don't have confidence in your gp you may need to change surgery but again no guarantees with someone else. My daughter had similar problems, they wanted to put everything down to depression. She changed surgery and has never looked back, she gets all the help that is needed.


Hi Chris, I should change my GP but when I changed my Rheumy she threatened to make me start all over again with my results - until I said I wanted one that had already seen my and knew my history. I have been seriously ill and too worried about my health to have all treatment stopped as she threatened.


Hi Iona

You've already had a great explanation and I'd agree with what's been said.

For example I have low lymphocytes constantly due to lupus. My liver function tests are abnormal due to methotrexate, but within the allowed range of abnormal for that drug and steady (ie normal) for me.

Occasionally my neutrophils drop and this isn't normal. Then the GP phones me and my bloods are repeated sooner.

The other thing to mention is that in this electronic age the GP has to tick a box when assessing your bloods and may only have a few options to choose from such as

- blood tests normal

- ask patient to make appt to discuss results

And so on. There probably isn't a box for 'normal for that patient' or 'abnormal but stable'. I'm not saying that gives the patient the right message but it does go some way to explain why we get the message we do.

My personal choice is not to always ask for the values of the tests, but this comes down to personal choice and your trust of your GP.

I'll give examples of why;

A) recently I found out (after the event) that my ESR had been high. I felt perfectly fine during that period and had no reason to see my GP with problems. My rheumatologist mentioned it at a routine review. Had I known, perhaps I would have been looking for problems and imagining that aches and pains I had (I get these regardless) were the first sign of a lupus flare. In the end all was well and my ESR returned to normal.

B) my eGFR was low at one point. This time I did know about this as I was to have it repeated. My GP told me not to worry about it. My response was that there was no point in worrying as I couldn't do anything about it; I don't smoke, drink, I eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and follow medical advice, so do everything in my power to keep myself well. What would be, would be. On this occasion my eGFR returned to normal. Again, had I not known, it really wouldn't have mattered so long as my GP followed me up.

. I realise that I'm very fortunate to be in the position of trust that I'm in with my GP.



I feel the same you need to trust the Gp's understanding of your normal bloods for your personal condition.

There are so many things to take in to account that we don't realise, like the drug effects etc.

Also the ranges given have false positive and negatives.

This is such a complicated disease tho and the gps are having to use the evidence to come up with answers but we know how we feel.

We just hope we have good docs

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The thing is, I don't trust my GP, she is forever saying my recent problems is due to Fibromyalgia which is def not the same or has the same problems. I took Methotrexate for 1 month then advised to come off it, have only been taking it for a month now. I can understand a high liver reading but not the bone one. My GP won't discuss it and says they are dealing with it. I had a call from telling me to call in due to my blood tests, my GP was on holiday, when I returned she said nothing was wrong however, due to my emergency visits to the hospital last year, I am on a list for being v poorly and is it on there about it and that I couldn't be reached! She NEVER discusses my blood test always saying they are normal if I ask. When I had the 3 month diabetes test it showed I was and she just gave me lots of blood tests until my sugar level was high but acceptable. I have all the symptoms, my Mum and brother have it. Again she says I am high but they are dealing with it. I hadn't known it was bad again until a temp Rheumy said it was worrying!

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