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I've recently found this online website/ social network for people with Lupus (-- Lupus UK had it as a link on facebook), The site is good for online support/ general chat and comments for others with Lupus, a fun way to hook up with others online and hopefully help people not feel as isolated. It is mainly USA based but there are also people from UK on there. I hope others may find it useful

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This site is based out of the USA. For us Canadians the terminology is more familiar. I find it a bit more difficult to use (new member so still learning) but a great resourse.


I find the mobile app is not as user-friendly as the main website, as mobile does not have as many features. By the way I'm also under user name fabwheelie on that site so feel free to look me up and become part of my team. I've only just joined so learning myself but getting the hang of it


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