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Hi everyone

It is a while since I posted, basically because I am so fed up with it all.

No joy with either Dermatologist or Rheumatologist at my last appointments as they won't do anything until the results of the biopsies come back. Dermy asked if I was still using Protopic on my face, so I asked what was the point in putting something on my face which is not going to help (it didn't). I am receiving no other treatment.

Rheumy said, Oh you are waiting for surgery aren't you? My reply was Am I? I have never seen anyone about surgery, but am waiting to see a spinal surgeon which will be sometime never! I have been waiting seven months at the moment. He then said if the biopsies come back positive then they would treat the Lupus more aggressively, my reply was that they were not treating it at all!!!

My question is how long do biopsies take to come back? The Dermy took them in the beginning of March and they are still not back.

So even more to reinforce my feelings in my previous post of 'No Faith'

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Hi, I've had four skin biopsies and the results on each occasion were back within days. Maybe mine were taken when the lab wasn't that busy. I'd chase your dermy and rheumy. It's crazy that the onus sometimes falls on the patient to chase results, but I've found this at other times too. Good luck.

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Thanks for your reply. I last saw the rheumy three weeks ago and the dermy the week before. They say there is a problem in the labs, which is strange as two were taken one of which was for skin cancer. One had to go to london and one locally and neither are back yet? I don't understand that. I am going to make an appointment with my GP to see if they can chase it and ask for the consultants contact details.


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