Tiny red dots on skin

I've just come back from beach holiday and while I was there staying in the shade on our deck, while hubby was sunning himself, I've noticed I now have some tiny red dots on my skin. They are not raised, don't itch and look like pinpricks. They are not in a particular pattern, and are spread out on my legs and arms but here and there, not like a rash.

Does anyone have something similar? I'm trying to see whether it is part of lupus or I now have to start worrying about vasculitis (though it doesn't look like anything I saw on the net as vasculitis, but one never knows). The thing is, my blood tests of 3 weeks ago wet mainly ok, only esr of 25 and positive ana, so I don't know.

Any ideas?

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  • Dear Purpletop,

    DO NOT IGNORE THIS in my case exactly as you describe, beach holiday, tiny red dots, don't itch, no regular pattern. I came indoors after an afternoon cutting grass in sleeveless top. A week later the red spots has blossomed into large circles and this turned out to be discoid lupus which has taken ages to get under control, finally affecting back, chest, arms, legs, and neck. Skin peeling off as if I had severe sunburn. If your spots start to spread, straight off to the dermatologist.

  • Oh my God, that's what was missing now, it isn't like I have enough with the SLE. Thank you for you response, is it better to go see the rheumatologist first, for him to refer me to dermatologist, who referred you to dermatologist?

  • Your rheummy cannot refer you to dermatologist, it has to be your gp. Best of luck, try not to panic, my skin is ok now but it has taken five months to find the right drug. Best of luck.

    ps at no stage did it itch, so one saving grace!!

  • I have this on my face have for a long time but some have joined looks like red line and most look like they have tiny veins coming off them is this same or not kathin x

  • I have those on my face too. In the end the spots haven't developed, they are basically broken capillaries. The question for me is what triggered it, am I now looking at vasculitis or is it just lupus being naughty. I need to see a dermatologist but I'm just not in the frame of mind at the moment to go see the GP, convince him I need the referral, then get preauthorisation number from insurance company (which is getting to be a struggle), then see someone new to go through all the symptoms and convince him/her I'm not imagining, etc, etc. Now that the spots haven't gone crazy, i will probably look into it after Easter, the spots are not going away.

  • I've had these little red "spots"for as long as I can remember. I noticed that they are usually in groups of two, some closer to the first and some up to two inches apart. They turn brown over time and don't go away. Look like a tiny freckle-docs don't seemed concerned-just live with it. They are all over my body.

  • Hi, I've had those tiny red dots and it has to do with your pores bruising up from the pressure of your weight and that's why they're molting on your legs. It means that your lupus is active and you should see a doctor (rheumatologist) right away and take care of it before it gets worse. I didn't know what they were in the past and it ended up getting worse and it resulted in me fainting at a Costco in public. So please see your rheumatologist and get your medication adjusted to better suit your needs!

  • Is this a long term condition? I have the exact same thing.

  • I have a tiny red dot on my arm also. It goes away and then it comes back. It looks as if someone poked me with a needle or something. One time, it appeared to have some minor - severe bruising around it but it didn't hurt at all and went away as the day went on.

    The dark circles around it haven't reappeared since. Should I be worried. ?

  • Well tbth with u I have lupus and just randomly started coming out in these red dots some a little big bigger than some but recently noticed they are coming on my tummy aswell as my arms,legs they are not itching or irritating at all just the a bit worried now as my hair has been falling out more often as well and seeing these red dots as well its all a little worrying now.I do hope u got it sorted after wards.

  • I have these dots also..For many years.I have them on upper arms, thighs, upper chest. .I do believe the condition is called pettechiae.It might mean your platelets are low.They seem to be common in autoimmune disease. They are more prominent on me in warmer months.They are constantly there, but in summer pores are more open.If I rub the area, the blood leaks, or gets brighter under the skin.Hope this helps.

  • Yes! I have these tiny red dots on my body too! Im really not sure what it is but O was out at my dads for the weekend swimming, out in the sun, and all that good stuff, then I started noticing i had them starting out on my chest then spreading out to my arms, it is scary finding these out.

  • I have some little read dot all over my arm but it stops at my elbow it looks like blood pls help

  • I have the same case. I have it in my arms but stops in my elbow too and looks like pinpricks of blood. If ever you get to know about this, hope you could tell me too.


  • I have this problem. I didnt go to see anyone about it as im only 14 and nobody thinks its a problem. It didnt develop in large circles but sometimes it leaves a sharp pain and ive been feeling very ill since it came along.

  • If you've been feeling ill, you have pain and they didn't go away in a few weeks, then you ought to go see your GP. 

  • I get a stab or snap where I have the red dots & haven't found a concerned doctor yet :-(

  • So.. I was swimming with some friends yesterday, and as soon as I came out of the pool, I realized some tiny red dots on the back top of my arm-elbow-and leg. The dots on my leg are disappearing and reapearing as I type this. The second I saw them yesterday, I showed them to my friends and found out that some of them got them too. I'm not sure what they are.

  • I have this. I'm pretty sure it is temperature related because whenever I go to the beach I go in the cold water and when I go back to land I have them everywhere. I don't know if there is anything you can do about it except stay out of places with extreme temperature changes. It is going to get worse. My condition started out with some small dots on my hands and now it's everywhere.

  • I have this kind of problem too i think.Basically, it can happen anywhere , going for holiday or to school, the thing is I don’t know what's the cause of this and it happened to me 2 years ago all the way till now . It just disappears anyway after a period of time , i guess the answer to this is because of the cells repairing it (I’m currently studying biology , so I know this)

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