Disco legs!

Morning all, well I've just had another terrible night trying to sleep. It seems as my body is relaxing into sleep my legs take on a life of their own & start twitching, waking me up! Really annoying!!! I can go nights without it happening & for no apparent reason of they go again, John Travolta eat your heart out lol. Does anyone else suffer from this & have you found anything to help the dancing legs stop?

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  • This sounds like restless leg syndrome. You can learn more about it at nhs.uk/Conditions/Restless-...

  • Thanks for the info Paul. Interesting reading, looks like I'll be asking for iron levels tested, but looks like I'll be stuck with my disco legs lol. Just when I thought my dancing days were over...;-)

  • My disco legs hung their shoes up when I started Azothiaprine, I barely have any trouble with them now.

  • Morning Margaretgail, while relaxing watching tv last night I feel the leg muscles starting to twitch again. I elivated said twitching legs & this seemed to help. Not sure if was a coincident or not... But will meantion it when I nxt c my gp x

  • Yes I have that too. I have had my partner wake me because he thought I was having some kind of fit when it first started (also not that long after we started dating) He has gone but the "dancing legs" remain

  • Lol, that made me laugh spottycheek, at least I know how to get rid of a man even though I may be stuck with disco legs! x

  • Lupus.....beats a boyfriend anyday...guaranteed to be with you Morning, noon and night. Holidays, birthdays etc.....it will ALWAYS be there hahaha

  • :-)

  • When I was anemic, my legs would do this. They would also get this strange 'itching from the inside' feeling if I was sitting watching TV in the evenings. Not bothered so much now that my anaemia has been treated.

  • Hi Disco legs lol. I don't have your problem as such but I do get wrestles leg syndrome and it's always the right leg. I just can't get it to settle I have to actually keep moving it and I feel the need to have to tighten my calm muscles. But I usually get up and walk around perhaps you could try that. It's not always the right time as we are supposed to be sleeping who wants to have to get up n walk? But if it stops the problem it's good. But then sometimes I can't get back to sleep because of this routine.take care.❤️

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