pains in lower legs

hi everyone i have had lupus now for 20 years i feel tried all the time often going to sleep during the day now i have very bad pains in my legs and some times pins and needles very bad cannot walk very far when i sit and go to bed it is always throbbing i just dont know what to do with my legs any help out there else5

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  • Arh you poor thing, I know what it's like. I' be been having problems with that sort of thing for many years too. Maybe you should be checked by a neurologist. I was diagnosed with having a muscle & nerve problem called neuromyotonia . All my nerves fire signals to the muscles. The nerve pain is horrible but then all my muscles go into spasm from it & when i go to bed it seems to go mad & my legs feel as though i've run a marathon.They do say having lupus it' s very likely you can have another auto-immune problem come on. Do you suffer with anything else along with the lupus. I know lupus can be the cause of many problems too. I've also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia & by gosh all my body hurts . I' be had lupus for over thirty years resulting in having a kidney transplant sixteen years ago. All sent to try hey !

  • thank you for your reply tremarel not as far as i know no other signs of any auto immune problems legs only started about 1 month ago thank you else

  • Someone else with Lupus suggested I take Bromalin, I also see an iridologist and he prscribed drops that have helped

  • also have you lifted anything heavy or moved wrong lately? Could be a slipped disc along with the lupus? Just a thought

  • hiya tonya thank you for your reply no i dont think i have lifted wrong or heavy its only when i try and walk ok when i am sitting pain in lower legs

  • PAIN IN LEGS- i have had pains in my legs since I can remember- its an intense bone pain in both my legs though sometimes not at the same time. When I was very little my parents took me to numerous doctors and they all said I suffered from "growing pains" well, I'm 36 now and god only knows I'm not growing anymore( just me bum!) anyway the pain is the same just more intense now. It seems to be aggravated by cold weather, or walking around w/out socks on cold tile floors (I live in the US) the only thing that helps is a heating pad. As for the pins in needles- it is constant. It is In both my arms and at the same wakes me up from sleep and will happen even if I'm standing or sitting. Went to the doctor today now that I have health insurance and he is sending me for an MRI for the pins n needles as well as memory loss(which is more than your typical lupus fog) He wants to rule out multiple sclerosis. Well I just want to be better- I'm not concerned with a name or a label to what I have, I just wanna be better B(

    I went through this 4years ago. 2008 and 2009 were hell. I could barely even walk. I was on prednisone(oral and injections) gabapentin for nerve pain, cymbalta (for pain not depression) methotrexate(self injected), remicade(intravenous) plaquenil and countless others I don't even remember.

    When I could barely even walk, and I spent more time in the ER than anywhere else, I made a decision to get off of ALL medications! I tapered the prednisone and stopped the others. Within 2 months it was like the skies parted! 2010-2011 were filled with running after my kids, family holidays and overall health. Was I 100%? No. I had my days where I would have mini-flares lasting a day or two. No visits to the ER. A few urinary\bladder infections but that's all. 15pounds lost without diet-just due to being active and being off the steroids. The pins and needles completely gone. The reynauds,gone. The chest pains, everything (except the headaches and body aches) were gone. And the body aches were tolerable. My rheumatoid nodules on my joints went down and were barely visible. All in all I was still ill but sooo much better (slept a lot though) but now I guess the party is over, I have had 3months of pains and symptoms I had even forgotten about until they happen now, making me remember how it felt... I'm so sad cause I kinda thought my good outlook and positivity had "cured"me. I guess they were right when they said I shouldn't stop my meds. Now I don't know if I should go through all that again or just see what happens- g-d bless us all!

  • Hi I had pins and needles,and I felt like bugs all over my legs and throbbing it was hard to fall asleep.My Doctor gave me Neurontin. and that has helped alot.

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