Dancing legs

Well my legs seem to want to dance every night. Just as I settle into bed my legs & in particular seem to have their own little disco. Now I don't mean they move lots but I get hundreds of those little annoying twitches in the muscles. It's driving me mad. It used to be just when I sat down but more often its also happening when I just sit down & rest. Does anyone else get this? And more importantly anyone know how to stop it?

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  • Spasms & Restless legs is something many of us have. I regularly volley my other half when I'm in bed (although he snores sometimes so personally I think he deserves it!). There ARE meds u can try (not sure which) & various other medications can cause it or make things worse (such as some sleeping pills, amitriptyline). I find slathering my legs & feet in moisturiser then slipping on sock really eases mine :0)

  • RLS is something I suffered from every night as I would settle down to rest. I felt silly telling the dr but had to eventually as it was driving me nuts.

    She immediately recognised it as Restless Leg Syndrome and prescribed me GABAPENTIN which too effect straight away.

    Good luck with some understanding and hope your dr helps you out x x

  • My Hubbie gets this, even though he's not a lupie. Coffee & alcohol seems to make it worse. When it was driving him crazy & keeping him awake at night, I did a web search & one site suggested drinking tonic water. It's the quinine that helps apparently, & usually takes 20-30 minutes to have effect but really does the trick. X

  • I'm already on hydroxychloriquine for my MCTD which contains quinine. Hopefully it will settle down soon. Not drinking at the moment as pain from fibro/lupus/MCTD so bad on butrans patches

  • Hi, i have it dreadfully and take amitrypiline , which works very well.

  • lol saw your title, it made me laugh. I too have 'dancing legs'... very annoying! Hang in there.

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