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Well what can I say the consultant was lovely....finally felt like I was listened to I already knew I had raynauds but she diagnosed fibromyalgia as well and took more bloods xrays and other test checking othrt bits and bobs and said I need to go have some other tests at a different hospital I think thats the nail fold capillary test.....she thinks I may have connective tissue disesase too.... wants me back in four weeks for results of the tests then will send me for other tests....started me on Nfederpine and pregabalin....feeling happy that the appointment went well.....although when I came out I realised there was a few things in family history I forgot to mention.....hopefully will remember for next time

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  • I'm glad you got on so well with your appointment. I know it's a PITA needing to go to rheumatology but having a doctor take your seriously and listen properly to you makes such a difference even in terms of your morale. Good luck with all the tests.

  • Thanks Shazzer you are right it does make a difference having a good appointment especially when we are already feeling a bit down in the dumps because of all the stuff going on with our health empathy goes a very long way x:)

  • Nice to hear your experience went well. I wish you luck and hope your treatment goes well.

  • Thanks very much griggser x

  • Hi Kazhod

    So pleased your appointment went well and you've been started on treatment. Could I ask what dose of Pregabalin have you been started on?. I'm about to start this drug too. Good luck for your tests. X

  • Thanks misty ..... Just on 75mg twice daily she did say it can take a few weeks to see any difference though.....advises not to drink with the medication bit of a bummer that as I am going on holiday in 11 days ..... oh well if works its worth being teetotal...not that I am a big drinker anway but like to have a few glasses of wine with my meals on holiday :)

  • Hi Kazhod

    Thanks for Pregabalin reply. It's given me confidence for trying it again!. Enjoy your holiday. X

  • Only taken a few doses they made me a bit whoozy and a bit nauseous but thats as bad as its got up to now....not done much for the pain yet hoping that will happen soon :)

  • Hi Kazhod

    Be careful with this drug. I've now been advised to try it again at the lowest dose 25 mg for 2-3 days then build up each dose trying each for 2-3 days. You've started at a higher dose , how did your Consultant advise you to take it?.

    Take Care. X

  • She advised 1 am and 1 pm the tablets are 75g each not making me tired or anything just a bit whoozy for a few hours which will be fun when I am back at work tomorrow

  • Hi Kazhod

    Are you awake at 1 am?. Good luck with work and I hope you get pain relief without the side effects soon. X

  • I meant one morning one at night but yes more ofeten thsn not I am still awake at one in the morning :)

  • Hi Kazhod, good luck today at work.X

  • Nice to read you feel bit better afta app, hope its all positive for you c

  • Thanks x

  • I have a notebook which I jot down anything of significance that has happened re my Lupus and any questions I need to ask. Also useful to write down anything I need to remember or tell my own doc. Bought mine from Lupus UK.

  • Good advice that Hanny I had jotted some things down but we were both talking so much I forgot to refer to it will definately take a notebook with me next appointment .... although she was very good and kept asking if I had any questions for her

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