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Hand pain

Hand pain

Hi all.

Thought I would pick your brains! Again!!

This is my left hand, sorry the photo is not the best, after I had taken a bag of carrots out from the freezer. It was in my hand for maybe 30 seconds.

My hand went white then my fingers went really red but my thumb and wrist went purple!

The other thing is the pain. It felt like my whole hand was on fire. Then it went numb for a bit then the pins and needles started. This was about 10.30 this morning and I am still in a fair amount of pain now.

I have been told I could have raynauds by my haematologist but nothing firm has been said.

Am going to see my gp on Thursday so will show him the photo.

Hope you are all well xXxX

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It has been suggested to me that I wear gloves when putting hands into the freezer. You may find this might help. I have raynauds and my hands and feet change colour like your photo. Good idea to show your GP the photo on Thursday. Good Luck, I hope you feel better soon.


Yes, looks & sounds like raynauds to me too. The raynauds & scleroderma community forum here on Healthunlocked is'll find quite a few of us from the forum are on that forum too


Looks like Raynaud's to me, my hands are like it all day every day, sadly it is something you get used to and learn to wear gloves even to go into the freezer. I only have to go into a different room and my fingers do that. I recommend you take Loopy-lou's advice and take the photo to your dr, keep taking photos as they really help. Good luck and I hope you don't get it too often.


Thank you all for replying.

It sadly is a daily occurrence but not to that extent. It is still really painful this morning.

My hands and feet have always been cold and they never really warm up. My nails go blue/purple as does the skin around my mouth and my lips.

Will have a look at the other forum as well. Thank you for that, I might pick up some tips.



Hi Shazzros, sorry to know u have these symptoms, this must be raynauds phenomenon as mentioned by other readers, i suffer from that too, try wearing gloves when in cold areas, it's good u checking it out with the doctor. Good luck.


Hi, i have the same problem, intact this happens to my hand even when i walk through the freezer section in the supermarket. I have been told it is raynauds, To be honest i am not sure which aspect of my medication is for that. I have been told to wear gloves or thermal gloves in anticipation.


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