small ball-like growth on eye ball

Hi all, I have been left wondering if these new symptoms are related to whatever connective tissue diseases I have (won't find out skin biopsy results until sometime next week) but in the last two days, as well as my on off butterfly rashes, swollen face, stiffness of right upper arm and shoulder, extreme tiredness, excessive trigeminal neuralgia attacks and severe headaches.

I have been experiencing difficulties with my sight for a good few months now but began feeling there was something stuck in the outer corner of my eye which actually looks awful.

It looks as though this ball-like cyst (perhaps) that is a dark grey colour, is attached to my eyeball and eyelid, can't really tell.

Is there anyone that has had a similar symptom?

I also noticed that there is a small lump in my right armpit too, all this is happening on my right side.

Cara x

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  • I wouldn't worry about connections or anything. I would get myself to an ophthalmologist pronto. Sight is too precious.

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