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pinpoint-sized red dots on my arms

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I have this pinpoint-sized red dots which don´t disappear when i press them, and don´t itch on both of my arms and few on my face, which can turn brown in the sun. They just seem to have multiplied like crazy, it feels like my whole underarm, especially the right one is full of them. Last year, when they were suspecting vasculitis they took a biopsy and told me that there was no vasculitis, but nobody could tell me what it is. I don´t care about the way it looks, but it does worry me knowing that they multiply. I wonder if they are petechiae, but if they are how can my platelet count still be normal? And why do they appear on my arms but not my legs? Or are they related to smth else? (i also have PCOS and slightly higher blood pressure). I saw a very bad dermatologist in november who said that she is not sure what they are but that it could be related to my Sjögren!

Any input would be appreciated.


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I don't know what they are but I have them everywhere, I have from years, I read somewhere that they are related to my SLE, but no one seems to know for sure x


Yes, I have them over my body, hips, under breast, on breast, thighs. Not in great numbers, but they keep appearing. Have also been diagnosed with Urticarial Vasculitis, because of severe leg rash, but bloods remain ' unremarkable ', apparently.

Not much help to you I'm afraid, but as you are worried I'd ask for another opinion. Vasculitis is not to be taken lightly and your dermatologist doesn't sound very helpful.

Good luck


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Thanks for answering. Was looking at some pictures, but have to say that my spots are really, really small - maybe 1 mm and sometimes gathered in clusters. They don´t have any hallow in the middle and don´t really itch. Just kind of multiply :)

What treatment are you on for your urticarial vasulitis?


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Hi, apart from hydroxychloroquine, nothing for vasculitis. They say, ' watchful waiting', so we'll see.

I'd ask for another opinion, but good luck.



My mum has loads of them on her tummy, but no one seems to know what they are, she has had lots of tests but all come back negative, I have always called them liver spots, but hers don't change colour. Has your GP checked in case it's a reaction to a medication that you take?

I've had the red dots which started on my arms about 10 years ago, to my chest and stomach recently and my legs. In my case after a few months of slight irritation they turn into a tiny brown slightly raised mole like object which has never changed size or shape after they turned brown. My sister has some also and she has no auto-immune issues although she had breast cancer. No clue what they are though. I have been on numerous meds and did go out in the sun OFTEN with sunscreen through my diagnosis of sle 30 years ago. I thought that was the underlying factor for mine?? My meds have been prednisone, methatrexate, plaquinel, chloroquine, imuran, cyclophosphomide iv and a few different blood pressure pills. Micardis, Imuran and choroquine have been the long standing meds for most of the last 20yrs though. Don't know if this helps you but who know. Hope you can get it figured out. Have you googled images .and seen anything similar, couldn't hurt. Good luck.

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Hi roanna,are you had lupus 30 years?at the first time how you can know you have lupus?my daughter have low platelet and have nose bleeding shymptom until now.the doctor told me that is itp disease.but after 4months i check my daughter anti ds border line.and ana titer 1÷ this mean she had lupus not itp?im so about you

Can you tell me your you cure your itp.thanks

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Hello Vijij,

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Hi Vijij, sorry about your daughter, I can't say there is any similarity with us other than the pin point red dots which now that I think about it may have started about the time my blood counts started to lower about 5 years ago. until this point I had been in a range which was considered normal. No other bleeding or bruising issues other than a sore in my nose, mouth traveling ulcers and on my scalp.

I was diagnosed after a few stressful years of dealing with joint pain on hands and feet that would just shoot flashes of pain towards my shoulders. The doctor finally did a test which I can't remember now but it was positive for Lupus and hence my diagnosis from that point. I think there has only been a few times where I wasn't flagged on blood work as having SLE and I get blood work done every other month and have been since a few years after diagnosis. I went through bad memory loss while on prednisone and not sleeping well. Pills just kept getting stronger for me and nothing seemed to be helping until I went through Cyclophosphomide for Kidney involvement in the first 5 years and have been somewhat stable from that point onward until recently when they took me off Hydro Chloroquine due to eye issues and the kidneys have been in a flair ever since. I just had a hysterectomy last week as I am pre- menopausal and have had a lot of bleeding over the last 2 years which after an uterus ablation they discovered abnormal cells and wanted to remove it. I believe this was partially due to the med imuran that I have been on for about 25 years as this was a long term side effect of that med. Your daughter is lucky to have a mother like you who wants answers because no one in my family ever believed me. If you have any other questions just ask please and good luck.

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Wow, what a story you have behind yourself! I admire people like you and think it´s great when stories are being told, because one doesn´t really know what to expect.

Have you still been able to live a `normal`life and keep up a job?

Thank you,


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I managed to go to school for school for dental assisting when my hands weren't so bad and have worked full time at that for almost 20 year. When my back and hands started to really bother me I started doing retail sales, my memory isn't so good and I've never been able to articulate myself very well, but I'm great working with people and have a photographic like memory for some things so this helps me a lot. I remember when working in dental that I would be stiff at the beginning of the week, then by the mid week I would be great, by the end of the week my body would be getting stiff again like it was time to rest. I also was very active in sports still and would do things that wouldn't cause me pain like push-ups. Although I did have my months with moon face and avoided doing much outside of work when I was fatigued but those symptoms of FM and fatigue haven't been a part of my life in so long, I feel like my illness has changed so much over the years or was maybe just under control. Even with my newest flare from last may I still haven't had the fatigue like I would get when first diagnosed so long ago. I wake up pretty happy every day and love to have fun but when I am in pain I do hide at home. I also don't have any real close friends because I find it too draining to be their for someone else because it's hard enough to be there for myself at times. Also they never really GET my issues and I don't want to bring people down. It use to bother my husband about having no friends but he is learning I'm not a chatty type person anyhow. Thank-you for letting me share my story. I've had bunion surgery on both feet on Jan 7th and a Hysterectomy on the 25th so I've been bed ridden and feeling a bit down lately. I'm missing my social life at work and my fair-whether friends that went with it. Thanks again for letting me feel a part of something that not many others understand.

I have them on my face, inside my hairline, neck, chest, arms, legs, stomach. Dermatologist told me they are Campbell De Morgan lessions.

I looked it up and they seem to be what I have also only mine turn into brown after a year or so and are no longer sensitive like when they first appear. Thanks Teddym

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