Stuck in bed

Feeling rather down today - I've been hit with so much stress in my life over the past 2 weeks and it has triggered a flare up. Everything hurts and I feel flu-like and nauseous and absolutely exhausted. I'm surviving in bed by watching films and reading books.

It's a good way to take my mind off all the horrible things that have been going on (the list includes a relative killing himself by jumping in front of a train, my twins doing sitting their GCSE exams and needing lots of prompting everyday to get their s*** together, finding our dream home and then being gazumped, intimidation from neighbours, our van window being smashed with a note saying "f*** off and die and don't come back"). Honestly you couldn't make it up.

It's hard to deal with life's knocks when you feel so ill. On the bright side, at least I have a supportive husband and the kids have helped me with housework too. On the dark side - I'm depressed with every day's new reports of how the Tories are going to penalise the most vulnerable in society even further! So sorry for all those I know who are struggling to get the benefits they need to help them through chronic illness and disability.

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Sorry to hear that you are feeling so awful at the moment. Sometimes life just seems to conspire against us doesn't it. Hope you are feeling better and more upbeat again soon and can return to your fight against society's injustices. xxxx


So sorry to hear that your feeling unwell but I'm in the same boat, my son is doing his A levels and stresses the hell out of me and like you spent the last week in bed

Positive thinking it will all work out

big hugs

ajanjua xx

Reply are having a very unusually difficult time. I sometimes wonder why some of us in this world have so much pain around us. I have been recently reading on how to live in this world as a sensitive person. It is so hard! I am also struggling with my teenage daughter, breaking my heart on a daily basis. She has been diagnosed at the low end of autism spectrum. I have started going to therapy to help because I feel ill after dealing with some of her issues. Maybe someone to talk to might help alleviate some of your emotional pain. It does for me. I don't feel alone, and I sometimes can get some perspective from another person. Hope you can find some peace....

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Hi Dryad, I am so dreadfully sorry to hear of your tremendously difficult predicament you are going through @ the moment!

I can totally empathise/sympathise with you, as I am currently stuck in bed too with Flare-up of Fibro, I am so chronically fatigued, can"t keep my eyes open. I am new to this Site as only diagnosed with Lupus 2 weeks ago, which was a total shock to my system!! On top of this I came out in Shingles, which is extremely painful!! Not even Oralmorphine takes the pain away!

Thank the Lord we both have very supportive husbands, I don"t know what I"d do without mine. He finished an excellent job with salary to match to become my Carer 8 years ago on advise of my Consultants!! I still get bouts of feeling "Guilty!" for him leaving his job and you are dead right about "Trying!" to live off of Benefits, paying a Mortgage, putting 2 sons through University ect. It is not an easy task!

I am sorry to hear that your Move of house has been postponed, I sincerely hope you find a new home asap?! Plus all the other "Stresses!" in your life!

I understand completely where you are coming from as I also have a very rare genetic progressive, incurable, fatal syndrome, tragically I have passed it on to our eldest son, who is seriously ill in a Wheelchair, with very little quality of life! Again I "Blame!" myself?!!

I am under the care of the Mental Health Team, I see a Psychiatrist/ Psychologist, Community Psychiatric Nurse (Housebound for past 4 years), Just a thought although you may already be under the care of one of these Professionals but I do find them a tremendous help of support. I am not Mentally ill, I just need support & someone to listen & put me on the right path.

If you would like to PM me for a "chat" @ any time, please feel free to contact me?

In my thoughts & prayers

Take care

Many blessing

Lynn XX :)

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Been lying in bed feeling really sorry for myself with terrible nerve pain and liver inflammation till I read you and Jeffs wishes and I hope things improve for you soon....It makes me feel better that other folk know what this is like and if they can cope with it can I !! Had a bad few days but am looking forward to feeling better...trying to sleep through the worst of needing to carry a bed on my back soon,lol!


Thanks for all your supportive messages - it's so helpful to know there are people out there who understand! It makes a real difference x


You are stronger than you think!! Having a supportive husband and children WILL get you through these dark me I have been there too!

In fact going through more stressful times as my Mum is very poorly and just been discharged from hospital back to her nursing home on palliative care :-(

In my thoughts and praying for peace for you and your family x

If ever you want to talk, I'm more than happy to listen.

Best contact details are



Thank you aloe1 I appreciate that. I'm hanging in there.

Sorry to hear about your mum. It's a really hard thing to go through watching a parent slip away. I lost my father last november to Parkinsons.

Peace to you also. x


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