Well rung up for PIP forms!

I applied before when it was still DLA and got turned down, but had no diagnosis at the time. I now have UDCTD and Raynards, I also have a Blue Badge, hoping all this will go in my favour. But almost wishing I hadn't as already being to stress about it.

I am a member of my local MS society and the lady there said she thinks I should apply again as I'm not getting any better, worse if anything. They have a chap who will help me fill out the forms.

My new Gp has agreed to refer me to Leeds and I was going to wait until they had seen me, but as she says it could be months and I can always apply again.

Does everyone have to have an assesment now? Same old, but I don't look sick! But I'm 44 but feel 104 most days

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  • Hi gymbabe

    Good luck with the PIP forms, it's good that a chap from the MS society will help you fill them in. Remember to give your worst days and don't say it varies. Not everyone does go for an assessment so you might be lucky and your right to try. Let us know how you get on and good luck. X

  • As you said, give your worst days on the forms , but , if the person interviewing you face to face says that they do not think you are entitled to it you have had it, Appeal right away

  • Hi

    Your local CAB will help you complete the form. I use a website called Benefits and Work to complete mine

    When you return the form send copies of all the letters you have

    When you receive the medical form do the same even if you repeat the same as the DWP won't forward them on to Capita

    Good luck

  • Could you provide the URL for website?

  • I am kinda in the same boat, I applied about 2 years ago just as i became so poorly as to be unable to work, and was turned down. My physio, and mum have been on at me for months now to the point that i am about to call for a new form, this time though i am going to seek help to complete the form, CAB, both last time and this time seem to be less than eager so am going to ask my local DIAL.

    Best of luck with yours.

  • benefitsandwork.co.uk

    Hope this helps you

    Take care

  • If you end up at a tribunal check and see if your local council runs a 'Welfare Rights' took one of their official to my tribunal hearing took 5 mins and DWP decision was overturned

  • Benefits and work are a great site, as I do not feel you can fill these forms in without help and guidance. Diagnosis is not always what's important, it's more about your symptoms and how it affects your everyday living also the aids you use makes big differancies to you. Remember to photocopy your pip application before you send, it will be useful if you go to an assessment. Good luck xx

  • I've been on benefits for years with ill health and every time mine is up for renewal I've been called for a medical assessment.

    It amazes me how some people have slipped through the system with not much wrong, and gets through, and there's me with a list of conditions as long as your arm, yet I've been recalled every time.

    But definitely photocopy whatever you send them and send any hospital letters to help your claim too.

  • Your local Welfare Rights Officer should be able to help you (you can find their number if you get in touch with your local council). You can ring and make an appointment and the officer will come to your home to help you fill in the form and if you need to go to tribunal the officer will go with you. All the information you need such as doctors letter or consultant's letter will be done for you.

    Well, the officer here in Wolverhampton did this for me the first time I applied for DLA and I was turn down and realised that the letter that my Gp sent wasn't very helpful so when we appealed I told the officer to get in touch with the Rheumatologist's secretary as the consultant knew more about my condition and saw me at my worst.

    I haven't been contacted yet for PIP, i'm dreading it because I look so well and since I am using ambulatory oxygen I can get about more without getting breathless.

    Hope it all goes well for you.

  • Medical forms? Tribunals it all fills me with dread, starting to feel sick already thinking about it.

    I thought everyone had to go for an assesment now?

    My letters from my Rheumatologist to my Gp are very brief, the last one I saw even went on Maternity leave and did not send a letter, when I rung up to see where my copy was, someone else sent the letter, it said I turned up, my breathing test was low, lady who did it told me I had lung scarring and decreased capitcty! I am waiting for a referal to a new hospital as my local one has no consultants, I should have been seen in March, but no appointments!

    I also have a new Gp, my left, she still thought it was MS.

    Well guess I'll just have to wait and see, there is no way I am able to work, can't get my kids names right or think of the name for an apple, I even spill tea down me as my co ordination is shoot.

    Also after speaking to a friend the other day I realized how much more my boys are having to do for me, I have a husband, but he works long hours to make up for me not working

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