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Electric shock pain


Not in a good place this morning. (I have APS) Yesterday about 4.30pm I started getting electric shock type pains in my right arm muscles. Over the following 5 hrs or so it started in both of my legs.

I was woken up most of last night with this pain so I'm feeling shattered now and my whole body feels like it's been doing a marathon and rock climbing whilst I've been trying to sleep and is tingling all over.

As well as this, my lymph nodes under my arm pits are swollen as well as in my neck, went to see GP last Thursday who said to wait another couple of weeks to see what happens.

My question is, Could the two symptoms be linked? Should I call GP again or wait the two weeks?

I was diagnosed with Musculoskeletal Disorder last yr but no one really knows if it's all linked to my APS or not.

Really don't know what to do with myself today, in so much pain. πŸ˜”

Sorry to have gone on so long, none of my friends really understand what I'm going through (even though they really try hard to) but I know you guys do.

Have a great day and I hope to hear from you soon.

Cheers Jo x

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Hi Jo,

I get electric shocks too.

My lyph nodes in my armpits swell unbearably but do go down again on there own.

Sorry, can't give you any help/advice. I hope you get the answers you need but I wish you luck, let us know any developments.xx


My lymph nodes swell up as well, that's what made me go to the GP in the first place.

I will let you know how I get on. 😊


Please do. I hope you get some answers.xx


I just try and eat much anti-inflammatory foods as possible. I feel the less inflammation less pain. I haven't been fully diagnosed yet so I don't have any doctor type advice. It's a long journey for all of us isn't it? I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. Feel better soon xo


Thanx guys.

Have another low day today. Doesn't help that I've put on 4.5lbs in two weeks and can't seem to get my head back into eating health foods.

Had bloods taken today ad GP thinks I may have a vitamin B12 Deficit. Won't get results till next Thursday but in the mean time I'm on loads of pain medication.

Will let you know what my results show when I get them.

Thanx fir your support.

Jo x


Thank you. X


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