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Energy smoothie's

Hi all, has anyone got any tasty recipes for smoothie drink for a bit of an energy boost or for aching joints? Find I'm not really interested in food till late afternoons, even then I waste a lot of my meal. Thought I'd try making smoothie's thus covering getting nutrient's n maybe helping joints n fatigue. Thanx all for reading & any suggestions

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I'm recovering from a virus, although ive always ate quite healtthy, I've increased this even more. I'm a firm believer in feeling better when you eat well. I've started having smoothies for breakfast. I have a banana, and then either pineapple or red strawbs, blackberries and blueberries. I use cocunut milk instead of normal,milk. They are delicious.

When I couldn't eat properly,years ago a saw a dietician and she prescribed high calorie drinks....I would shove one of them in too...

It's worth investing in a proper smoothie maker that gets rids of all the bits though.


Hi Sarah, thats sounds a really nice drink. Just been given a smoothie maker, thats what gave me the idea. Thanx for your recipe x


I make a green smoothie that apparently is good for the immune system. From memory, I think I use two handfuls of spinach, a de-seeded pear (leave the skin on as it's better for you) , half a cucumber, a one inch piece of grated fresh ginger, half a peeled and de-pipped lemon, a spoonful of protein powder or a spoonful of almond butter and a small sprinkle of chia seeds, topped up with as much ice cold water as is your preference.

I just have a bog standard liquidiser and that works fine for me but I use a straw to drink it because it is quite thick. Texture wise and looks wise it reminds me of algae skimmed off of someone's pond but it tastes much better than that and it des seem to lift me after I've downd it!

I try to avoid heavily fruited smoothies as I have diabetes, so don't want a massive sugar hit but there are tons of recipes online or just experiment with your own ideas.

Good luck.

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Thanx chocoholic, not sure if my message sent or I just lost it, it blipped of my screen so I'll start again.

I'm going to try your recipe, even though it looks like pond sludge. That comment made me laugh. I'll try anything once. x

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My daughter gave me a book called Juice master by Jason Vale which has over 100 juices and smoothies recipes, designed for different ailments and I use these.


Hi prescilla, if I get on with the suggested recipes will invest in recipe book. My appetite not good of late & I no we need to eat healthy so thought this is a good way to get some nutrients x


I make a smoothie every morning!

1tsp turmeric

1tsp ginger

Handful spinach

Almond milk

Dab peanut butter

2handfuls berries(I buy the frozen so it last longer and is cheaper)

1/2 banana

Turmeric is very strong and takes some getting used to. It's great for inflammation which I think helps with joint pain. Hop this helps! Xo


Thanx tsizzle, good idea about frozen fruit. Shall be trying your recipe :-)


My favourite is a banana, an avocado and some apple juice or an apple and a bit of water. Sometimes add frozen berries or some spinach or whatever I have, but the basic one is great.

Another nice one if you're peckish in the evening is just a banana (the riper the better) and almond milk. Basically a banana milkshake.


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