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Life and serious illness cover


Has anyone managed to get life insurance and/or serious illness cover for a decent premium?

So far I only have a diagnosis of fibro but I may possibly be diagnosed with Lupus or something similar. I have had all the tests run and so far there is not enough to diagnose me so it may not happen. I want life insurance so my dependants receive a lump sum if I die but also if I was diagnosed with a serious illness, not necessarily Lupus but say if I got MS or diabetes etc somewhere down the line it would be nice to have a lump sum to help with bills and care etc. Because I have already been having tests for the last 5 years I understand it will affect my prmium but what about cover?

Any info greatly appreciated.

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Hi there

You may be best speaking to a financial adviser and lupus UK can recommend advisers who can place cover for people with lupus (or similar)

When you say serious illness over I'm assuming you mean Critical Illness cover in the UK? It pays out if you are diagnosed with one of the named conditions within the policy AND where you meet the definition of that condition. It is important that we understand that it is not just, for example, being diagnosed with MS that would lead to a payout, but you would have to meet the definition, which could mean having a certain severity of the condition before the policy would payout. Often it doesn't pay until the symptoms are permanent, or affect everyday living.

That's why discussing with an adviser is a good idea as they can explain the cover fully so that you can decide if it is right for you and know what it is you're paying for.

Sometimes, if you are still undergoing investigations, or if a diagnosis has not been made, insurers may defer making a decision on this type of policy until more information and/or a diagnosis is made. But there's nothing to stop you applying to see how you get on.

Hope this helps.


I agree with Lupylass. Securing insurance with most any pre-existing condition can be tricky.


Hi Annalouk,

We have close ties with a financial advisory firm that helps our members find the best premiums for their life and critical health insurance. If you are interested in finding out more you can view their website at or contact Ed Froggatt on 0207 472 5558 or


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