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Pictures nails and nail folds

Pictures nails and nail folds

Dear all,

Two weeks ago I made a posting about my health issues and had quite a few valuable responses (love this forum!).

Next Wednesday I have an appointment for a nailfold capillaroscopy. I'm looking forward to this appointment because I hope the results will contribute to a more specific diagnosis then UTCD and a good treatment as my health deteriorates further , even though some diagnoses are pretty scary. The capillaroscopy will be done in a different hospital as where I am treated by my rheumy because of the long wait I would have had in my hospital. My rheumy is on leave and her replacement (a doctor to be specialist) will see me the week after the discuss the results.

I really hope for a diagnosis and a treatment but before that I would like to ask your expertise and experiences about nailfold irregularities. I pasted four pictures in one collage about my fingernails.

My (little bit shiny) nailfolds are puffy, some are red some have more white surfaces, on all nailfolds I can see the capillairies with the naked eye and on almost all nailfolds I can see micro hemorrhages (see the detail picture of one them).

My nails show three colours in warm circumstances and in cold conditions they turn purple.

The pieces skin between the joints are a bit red but not always.

Please let me know if you recognize these as.... Please also see my health issues in my first post.

Wish you all much strength!


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Thanks so much for posting your pics & explaining what's happening. Am wishing you all the best with the tests & their results. I only have a v basic understanding of this aspect of our diagnosis, but you're helping me better understand why my drs are do keen to observe my hands! Am v much looking forward to reading the replies to your question. I hope you'll continue to let us know how you get on xo


Hi Please let me know how you get on - I am have big problems with my nails they look like they are bruised underneath the nail and like you in certain weather look purple, my Lupus specialist had me tested for Addisons but that came back clear, then my GP said it was a nail infection and gave me some stuff to paint on them but to do that I have to file the top of each nail rough ! which I don't want to do because they are flakey and I think they look bad enough as they are ! I don't think it is an infection I am sure it is Lupus they look terrible as if my nails are all dirty. Good Luck with your investigations and I hope you get an answer and share it with us Kind Regards xx


Hi Patricia

Good luck for your nail tests, the colour changes you describe are very similar to the way my hands go and I have Raynauds Phenomenon. Let us know how you get on. X


Thanks so much for posting this - and please do let us know how you get on. What I live about this forum is the way other people's experiences produced answers for questions I haven't yet thought to ask. Best of luck!

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