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i have had sle lupus for years. pregablin, adulat, hydrocortisinechloride, trazodon and the usual asprin etd. however i missed christmas last year which has been the worse. i feel rotten everyday and more in the house than ever i just cant move myself. my 2 kids have autism which requires lots of attention. i am so fed up feeling this way flushes sleepness dihorea bruising itching. lupus has left me allergic to lots of thing so my skin blisters and bleeds just being near new clothes, buses leave me fainting. im bleatiing on but as all lupus lovers i will perk up as if i am high its unbeliable lol.

Has anyone had menopause and lupus?

is there a group in Glastow that i can join?

p.s sorry for spelling!!!!

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Hi Redangel

Have you thought about having treatment for menopause?. I know HRT has been in the news recently but as you have 2 children with Autism you have a lot to deal with!. There are also natural treatments so maybe something to think about?. X



I am going through the menapause but not yet diagnosed for lupus, seeing specialist at Guys soon for my symptoms although I have just had test for a Mito disease. My intro over.

Redangel it's amazing what you are dealing with, are you able to get support via charity organisations. We have organisations here who assess you and sign post you to different organisations that can offer you help and support, which is free. In Lancashire the sign posting organisation is called Helpdirect, Citizens advice should be able to point you in the right direction. With all the cuts, charity organisations are really rising to the challenge of unconditional help and support.

Sending you best wishes,



Hi redangel,

I'll send you a private message with contact details for a lady who has been involved with Glasgow meetings.


Can you send details to me as well...I live in glasgow thanks.


I've sent you a private message :)


And me please Paul thank you also from Glasgow thank you


I've sent you a private message :)


Hi redangel!

I diagnosed lupus right when I was going through menopause two years ago. I don't know what's the difference between my lupus and yours...considered you had it years before going through menopause.

It has something to do with the hormone, white blood cells and immune system.

My symptoms is rash, itching, fatigue, restless... I also have a hiberactive son to deal with, but can't imagine how you're going through with the two autism.

I read once that lupus should get better after menopause. Not in my case, the system isn't young any more to handle this disease. I'm very much stay inside quietly these days, mentally it's not easy to cope with. I'm not think about my goals or dreams anymore but read and learn about this disease. But sad or stress wouldn't help either.

Recently, I got laid-off...I'm using my time to rest and thinking to apply for PIP benefits.

Stay strong and hope you feel better soon xoxo


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