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Knee pain

It's been a while since I was diagnosed with something to do with my legs and I can't remember what it's called, but my legs bend backwards when I stand up and when I sit down I can lift my foot off the floor with me knees still on the floor.

Latly I've had an aching pain but for the last week I've had more pain and also my knees have started clicking. This is mainly to do with my right knee, and I have to push it when it cracks, also my right hip makes a popping sound not just a clicking type, it sounds more of a clunk.

I've taken paracetamol and I have mentioned this to the doctors but Im struggling with my knees aching and also giving way on me.

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Sounds like Hyper mobile Joints?


I get knee pain it feels like it jumps out of joint. Have to be careful when turning or stretching in bed. If I trip ouch. Doctor says wear and tear.


Please u need an mri scan and ur rheumy should get u a walking stick to take the weight of ur right knee. I have the same issue with both knees so my dr gave me a walking stick and i have had a pomidronate infusion and waiting for the next appointment. I had to get a reclining chair and my landlord had to provide hand rails. I get shy when using the walking stick because i am just 29 and everybody keeps asking me what happened to my knee and it is more embarrasing when older people give up there seats for me in the bus. i need the stick. if ur knee is giving way try to avoid turning with ur upper body first before ur leg. Straighten ur legs and gradually turn dont rush it. I hope u get better soon. Talk to ur dr about sending u for an mri scan.

xx and hugs


Sounds to me as if Hypermobility is involved. A great place for info is the Hypermobility association website:

Hypermobility Syndromes Association

Information and articles on the Hypermobility Syndrome. Details of current research, FAQ, discussion boards and a section for kids and teens.

‎Help & Advice - ‎Hypermobility & Illness - ‎Forum - ‎Kids & Teens

My version of Hypermobility is the Ehlers Danlos Type.

Any type of Hypermobility can have implications for your health. Some types also affect your internal organs & connective tissues

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