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Foot pain

Hi, it's been a while since I last posted on here but I've a question ...

I've got UCTD and recently I've been getting a whole lot of foot pain (both feet) I'm thinking it's both plantar fascists and achillies tendonitis but obviously I'm not a doctor. I've been taking Naproxen for general pain. My feet hurt most day- sometimes on the sole of the foot near the heel, and sometimes around the back of the heel very low down almost at the heel. When I do a 12hr shift at work my ankles get a little puffy and can ache more than other days. I also have been getting restless legs more and more often. I haven't sun the Dr yet. 

OK my question is does this warrant a trip to the GP ... it's more of an annoyance than an excoriating pain. Also is it connected to UCTD???

Sorry for the long post x

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Hi Kerry72

I have similar pain for about a 10 months. I mentioned it to my rheumy who arranged scans and orthotic appointment if you are not under a rheumy go to the gp. Unfortunately they can't find anything to treat so I just had to put up with the pain, though it is bearable and I try not to take pain killers. The only thing the orthotics dept commented on was that my tendons were very tight so gave me some stretching exercises to do which help a bit. Just another thing to add to the list !!

Best of luck 



Hi Kerry, if you think it might be plantar fasciitis then google it and you will find videos on YouTube which describe it and show you exercises you can do to get rid of it.  I did and it's never come back - it was so painful I couldn't put my foot to the floor particularly in the morning.  Obviously if on seeing the info you don't think it is that, or if the exercise doesn't work then a visit to the doc is probably a good idea.  Good luck!

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Hello Kerry

My impression is the immune dysfunction & connective tissue disorders do dispose us to tendon tightening issues whatever our specific diagnosed conditions

Your heel prob sounds similar to mine, which this link explains:

More generally, this discussion here on forum might be useful to you:

Wishing you good luck with my experience, a highly skilled & experienced NHS physio should be able to help you, as should a similarly skilled podiatrist

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco


Hi. I cured my plantar fasciitis by using sports tape. I know it feels like walking on shards of glass. So Google "low dye taping". It's a wierd title in that it was created by a Dr named Dye.


Hi I have used taping, physio excercises to stretch plantar fascia, special insoles from physio costing £7.50 each and rolling my foot arches over a hard ball.  All these things are helping.  I have also had foot massages which has made a huge difference.  The physio offered me four sessions of ultrasound to try and reduce the thickness of the plantar fascia and she taped my feet for me (arches and heels).  It does make a huge difference.  I have one session remaining.  After that, I will have to self manage.  Hope this has been of some help.  Good luck with it all.  It takes times but I am glad I can see a real positive difference with all the above.  My tendons are always very tight so stretching is very important. 


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Connective tissue diseases such as lupus can potentially alter the structure of the foot and cause pain. You can read a bit more about this in our factsheet, 'Lupus and the Feet' here -


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