Is this a Lupus malar rash?

Is this a Lupus malar rash?

Hey everyone, I have this redness on my face and I was curious to know if this looks like a lupus rash to you? I have been experiencing numberous (so far mild) symptoms over the past 6 months and was wondering if this is a lupus rash? I do have an appointment with a dermatologist... However, that is not for three months. So, I was hoping to get some insight in the meantime.

Note: It's super faint and only shows up when you shine light on it. (IE, use the flash on the camera) I tried to go back and look at old photos (taken with flash) and it appears that this has been there for at least a year. However, since most photos I have before that on my phone don't have a flash, I cant go back before that.


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  • Yes it looks like it

  • If it's by nose area on both sides of your nose it is called the butterfly rash which is a form of lupus mine started out as faint and over the yrs it became worse and did not realize until I got really sick it became more evident that what it was..but also make ur primary dr aware of it also

  • I would leave the diagnosis to the professionals it could be any number of things allergy etc. Use a sun block until you see the doctor and try to avoid strong sunlight just to be on the safe side.

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