What is your Lupus rash like?

Hi all, I'm just wondering what your Lupus rash is like?

I often get a bright red rash, on both of my cheeks and across the bridge of my nose. It is not raised, or sore or itchy. It just burns bright red and feels incredibly hot. I find myself putting ice on it, but nothing takes the heat away. Eventually it just fades away. It is similar to a sunburn, but a deeper red colour, and the heat radiates from within.

Sometimes I will get a similar rash all over my body, mainly on my chest, face, stomach and neck.

Does anyone else have a rash like this?

K xx

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Hi kalmillar,

You might be interested in taking a look at our booklet about skin involvement in lupus? You can read it at


Hi I have lupus and have large rashes on my shoulders blade, on my right upper arm. It itch so badly I hope to start treatment for my lupus but the doctors seem to get me an appointment with a specialist. I have days when I feel alone with this disease. I am looking for a support group so I can have some one to talk and understand this disease. Do any of you know where a support group is in Jacksonville, Florida I live on the Northside.


bright red face that burns so yes very similar to you kalmillar....just have to sit it out, it comes and goes


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