Does a low crp and esr mean that my lupus is in remission despite symptoms to suggest that it isn't? Should I be looking at anything else?


Been feeling unwell for 2 years now after having suffered an adrenal crash 18 months ago. My symptoms have been wide and debilitating on the road to recovery and my endo has suggested that my lupus has kicked in again as a lot of what I am talking about does not correlate with adrenal deficiency. When my blood tests have come back, my crp and esr are relatively low to moderately high so I have assumed my lupus is in remission but now I am wondering if I should be contacting my rheumy.

Any advice or experiences would be gratefully received


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CRP and ESR are not enough to decide but coupled with your symptoms, I'd say you ought to see the rheumatologist. It may be that you only need to be put on a low dose of medication for it but my view has always been that it is better to catch it early than leave it until lupus is raging.

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Thank you, I am in the difficult position that my gp wants the consultants to treat me as they feel that they have not got the expertise.... All find as long as you can see your consultant.

I am now thinking that the symptoms, all of which I have had before are more connected to my lupus. I am only on plaquenil now having come off methotrexate last year. Wondering whether it has started to bubble again



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