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Does Lupus cause dry eyes? My eyes get extremely dry while I sleep. I mean they feel like they are full of sand when I wake up quite painful

it takes a while for me to be able to focus, even if I am just getting up to go potty in the middle of the night. Actually it happens anytime I keep them closed for several hours like for naps too. I usually run water and try to lubricate them that way.

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lupus can cause dry eyes, i too suffer and use artficial tears 3 or 4 times a day. can get them on prescription, mine are called hypromellose(think thats how its spelt)


I have the same problem. It's of course lupus. I use eye drops.


I have same problem I was diagnosed with sjorgrens syndrome as well as sle , this can cause dry eyes, ask your gp for eye drops they can help. good luck keep well .


I have same day and night

I have been given drops for during the day and a jelly like stuff for nights both help.

good luck x


I have SLE but have sjorgrens syndrome as well and I feel that is the main problem with dry eyes also dry mouth ask the doctor to test you for that as well. All of these immune illnesses causes so many things it is just good to understand what you have. Good luck it is not nice.


sounds like Sjorgrene to and i would take Gillyg advice and get tested.


Dear Gillyg

I agree with janiceray.

It is very common for people with Lupus to also have Sjogrens Syndrome.

You need to have a blood test. It is an auto immune disease just like Lupus and the treatment you have for Lupus is the same treatment for Sjogrens.

First you must mention this to your specialist and pop into the chemist to get some good eye drops.

I see an opthalmologist as I am on Plaquinil and he told me never to rub my eyes when they are dry and to use the drops frequently. I always have to use them quite a few times in the night and first thing in the morning. I get them from my GP on prescription.

Most people with Sjogrens have a dry mouth too. I get through gallons of water.

I hope you get it sorted soon.

I have only just joined this site and it is a wonderful idea. I don't know anyone else who has Lupus and its good to know there are folk out there who understand. :O)


I have dry eyes, mouth and skin but the test for Sjogren's always comes back normal. I use Systane Lubricating Eye Drops in the day/night which were given to me by the Opthalmologist at the hospital. If you see your GP you can get them on prescription. I used to use Lacri-lube in the nights before bed which is a lot thicker (also available on prescription).


I also suffer with dry eyes, mouth nose throat, and yes it is painful.

I am on Celluvisc, Lacrlube and latterly Travatan as the pressure in my eyes got to dangerous levels. Best advice is as above see your GP.


Water is just going to make the problem of your dry eye/eyes worse in my opinion. My neuro-opthamologist recommended to me GenTeal gel. You pull your lower eyelid down and apply the gel iside your lower lid. Apply the gel in a thin strip then close your eye. You need not use a lot. A little goes a long way. I just keep applying it if my eye soaks up the amount of gel that I first put in. You'll know within a minute or two if you'll need to use more gel, depending on how dry your eye is. GenTeal's just a fabulous product!.

I have lupus but also had unrelated brain surgery for a tumor. My right eye was affected and I no longer produce any tears, especially from that eye. The gel recommended is: GenTeal gel Severe Dry eye relief. It is made by Novartis. It comes in a tube that's inside a small narrow box.. It's located by the eyedrops. The tube is black with white writing that says GenTeal on a purple background. It says in white on red : For Severe dry eye. It does come in less strong varieties too. .Line your eyelid with this product at night before bed.. If you need to, patch your eye too. During the day, GenTeal also comes in gel drops. The very first time you use this product your words will be, "AHHHH! Thank heaven!" This is fantastic.

Sunglasses that wrap around will protect your eyes from the effects of drying wind. If I have been outside in wind, I may need to use drops during the day, and gel at night even with sunglasses. That's just the way it is. This product is an absolute lifesaver for me. If you can't find this particular product there in the US it's available at Target stores,.. use any kind of gel that you can for your eyes. Vaseline or that type of product isn't made for eyes and won't work. This does. My eye Dr. told me: Use only products made just specifically to moisturize your eyes. I won't switch to another. This works!Good luck to you,



Has anyone else tried GenTeal gel for their eyes ?

Were there any side effects ? and is it available only on prescription ?

thank you for your help


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