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Me again

Back to square one again una bad way change from asatriopin to cellcept mico) and of coarse a bal flare joints ok but chest pain out my shoulders and down my arms rand to see if any one would see me was told go toa&e great help that was didn't go just took more pain killers. Went doem to lupus to get bloods done and get proscription because gp won't give it. Went in and saw a reg Dr Senna could not see me too busy do saw this doctor did all the checks had to go through all the history of chest pain ( no one can tell me where it's coming from just its lupus ) any way he sent me for more bloods and an ecg and said may be get an mri (has any one had one for lupus ) but will this every happen. I would love a night sleep been sitting up trying to sleep my children thing I'm gone mad oh ya back on steroids for another month same old story can't take any more SORRY FOR MY BIG LONG RANT any advice now 04:44 steroids working well with sleep or with out what every about the pain I give up

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Sorry abou all the spelling mistakes on my post may be I am tired

Limerick 5


If you are between two drugs, you are bound to feel rough until the new drug starts working, which is at least 3-4 weeks. Just continue with the steroids for a while and keep taking the mycophenolate and you will soon see an improvement. You need to have patience.


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