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Hi. I was wondering if anyone else had any issues with work and their condition with Lupus. I work in an office and when winter comes the heating is on and I struggle with the heat. Luckily I have a fan to cool me down but am mindful of others when they say they are cold, but it's not reciprocated when they have the radiator full blast and heaters on and I'm almost at fainting point. My manager had a chat with me yesterday and I mentioned this to her and she asked if I thought this was the right kind of working environment for me, especially as I am moe susceptible to picking up things with people coming into the reception area. She said that there may be options through the organisation for me to perhaps work in an office on my own so I canhave the fan on/off when I like and be able to wear my tinted glasses without ridicule, because of the lighting. She said that it's not that she's trying to get rid of me, but thought this may be something I may think about. I love the job I do, and they know this and work so hard and have never complained about the issues I have. Now I'm worried that my condition is an issue at work and if they can use this to get me to move. I have Lupus SLE, and I gave my office manager a book about my condition, but feel it's not taken into account.

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By law your work has to make accommodations for you to be able to work, so if they have an office you can work in by all means take the opportunity. It doesn't sound like they want you to leave if they are offering you an alternative. Give the own office a try. It means you will be on your own which may be isolating but at the sme time means no one will be coughing on you during cold and flu season. Bonus! Good luck

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Thank you Silvergilt. I may have to speak to my Union rep and see what he thinks too, as there have been issues with me being bullied at work, which is why I wondered if this was mentioned to me rather than deal with the issue. As nice as it would be to have my own office I would so miss the contact with other people.....but I guess it has it's upside as well. Thank you so much for your reply.x


I sympathize, often at work I sit in the staffroom in a summer short sleeved blouse while everyone else has layers of clothes. If you go to the Lupus UK web site the is a link to a product used by athletes, its a towel which when dampened remains cold and can be used whenever you have a break. Also I used a thermos to keep an iced drink cold for most of the day. As for the glasses you could purchase one of the 'Made ill by light' badges they have two versions, should stop the comments and educate at the same time (and embarrass those who made comments).

Your employers do have a duty of care to all employees and they do sound as if they have given an alternative, why not set up a meeting with HR and give them the leaflets available on the UK site (people are more likely to read those than a book) If you are an asset to the firm they won't want to lose you, good luck........


Hi Hanny.

Thank you so much for your reply. I will certainly look up those cooling towels, they sound ideal. Great idea about the thermos too...use my butterfly thermos..ideal! There has been bullying at work, which I did not mention, which I did wonder if that comment was made, so rather than deal with the issues I'm having being bullied the manager mentioned this alternative. I guess I was in shock and had not prepared myself for her to say something like that. I will look at those badges too in respect of my tinted glasses. Thank you again Hanny.x


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