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Hi all, I have not been on the site to post (only read all your messages) since I went back to school in September; what a shock to my system it has been after being off so long with all my health problems. I have felt overwhelmed by it all; new schemes of work, new classes, data, targets etc.

Sadly, I came to the decision to resign from my teaching post at the end if this autumn term. I know it's a bit drastic, and I haven't made the decision lightly, but I feel that it is the best thing with my ever increasing symptoms. I do aim however, to do supply teaching. I know this isn't ideal but at least the positive is that I can work when I am well, and pull up the drawbridge when poorly. I think being so unwell in the summer helped me see what really matters in life and I have based my decision round this.

I finally get to have my shoulder operation on Wednesday, the one I should have had in May that had to get postponed. The recovery is painful and isn't easy but I will login each day as I have done to see how you all are.

Best wishes,

Best Buddy

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hi, sorry you have had to leave your job. Can you access your preserved benefits from pension? I was finished through ill health and got my pension through health problems. Hope you manage your supply work. Best wishes

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Hi, I could have applied to access my pension early but was told I could not work in teaching again so have opted to leave it as supply teaching is the next step to try. I still need to be able to work for a number of years as I am only 53 and won't get state pension for many years yet either - as long as my health has periods of calm between flares.


Hi, I was early 50s too, am now 57. Is that preserved benefits also? I know if you get full pension if retiring on ill heath you can't but am unsure about other. I used my lump sum to pay off mortgage as I live alone and was worried how I would manage but so far am ok, just worried if I don't qualify for PIP as I do DLA. I would love to be able to return to work part time, so good luck, hope it all works out for you


Hi Best buddy

Sorry to read the tough decision you have had to take but I'm sure it's the right one for the sake of your health!. If you have any problems or queries about your pension rights contact your local Citizen's Advice Bureau who will be able to help. They will also check if there is other help you could get and help you claim. Good luck with supply teaching and your shoulder op. Keep postingX



I retired from teaching because of lupus some years ago. I had an enhanced pension after a year of sick leave. I know the regulations have changed since I retired and am not sure of all the details but Your area NUT( or similar) rep should be able to help you and give you all the information you need for ill health retirement

best of luck



Thanks everyone. I did speak with my union and the pension advisors who confirmed I would no longer be eligible to teach at all though I could get employment in another sphere. As I came into teaching later in life after my children, I still need to work as I am not giving up the fight just yet!

This information from them helped me confirm my decision to at least do supply teaching as I can still earn when I can and pull back when not good.

I am frustrated though with my current diagnosis of UCTD. Without anything definitive I cannot access any other medication on the next level up. This is ok for now as I am managing (apart from my terrible shoulder for which I am due an operation on Wed). However, when I have a flare I am so debilitated and my rheumatologist turns a blind eye to my pleas.

I will be off for part of my notice period recovering from my operation so when I do go back it will only be for a short while, but I am glad I have made the decision to go.


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I decided to go at 59 and luckily was able to access my teacher's pension and used part to pay off mortgage. I do some supply work but only in the school where I worked. You will feel better knowing that you can say no if you don't feel well and when you do go in you are not caught up with all the target setting etc etc, although I do mark what I can before I leave, I see it as part of the day.

Good luck you will find financially you may be stretched but there are many advantages to a more relaxed lifestyle


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