How do you apply for DDA?

This is a great site which I just found browsing. At work they are trying to manage me out of my job on capability and this is the reason I did not make it publicly known, previously, that I have lupus. I have an appointment with the occupational health at work shortly. The conditions at work has caused me a great deal of stress which aggravated the range of lupus symptoms I have. My new doc has put everything down to stress and signed me off work. The stressed has since dramatically subsided since being off work. I know that going back to work again will result in trauma and stress and flares, so medical retirement is the only option I have. I also think I should register under the DDA as well but I am not sure what the process is. Does anyone have any advice on DDA and medical retirement process....?

Thanks for your response guys.

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  • Hi Jazi,

    Do you mean DLA (Disability Living Allowance), the benefit for those with mobility and care issues?

  • I guess I do but DLA may not apply to me as I work full-time. I thought you could register as disabled under the DDA which would strengthen my case for medical retirement.

  • You are still eligible for DLA if you work, providing you are limited enough by your condition. The DDA no longer exists. It was replaced by the Equality Act 2010. You should find you are covered by it.

  • Didn't know you could be eligible even if you're working. Thanks

  • Do u mean DDA (Disability Discrimination Act)? If you have Lupus then it comes under the remit of the DDA- so your employer is legally obliged to make reasonable adjustments in order to facilitate a return to work etc- so they can't just sack u if u r finding it hard 2 cope @ work-if u want to go for ill health retirement then u need evidence from your hosp doc etc- i suggest u contact your union if u r in one and seek help from Citizens Advice or your local CIL (centre for indep living)- every area should have one- they give advice & help- eg filling in forms, getting a lawyer if need be etc. I went thru the process- but it did take a long time- had 2 be examined by an indep doc who wrote a report etc. good luck! S

  • Thanks for the information - very helpful.

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