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What do you do to help elevate your symptoms?

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Hey guys I know we all have different lupus symptoms and complaints and just wondered what kinds of home tricks and remedies have we learnt along the way?

This year I have found Epsom salts to be my. Best friend! It defiantly helps with my joint pains, swelling and muscle. The amount if time I spend in the bath is crazy (thank god for iPads) and getting out is murder getting out the bath but it's one of my few luxuries.

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Whatshernameagain.....I was just going to take an Epsom salt bath last night because I was in so much pain from working out in the yard pulling weeds. I didn't want to take aspirin. I lied down on my brand new mattress for an hour, took a little nap and got up feeling much better. Not cold enough here yet for a bath. ha! Thanks for sharing. I use a heating pad for my shoulders when they are in pain. That works too. Not only is this a tiring disease, but it's exhausting coming up with remedies. Take care...and keep sharing

Oh I sooo wan to buy a heating pad! And those electric bootie things. I have an electric blanket which I love but it just makes me want to go straight to bed.

What kind of mattress do you use?

I recently stayed at my grandmothers and after sleeping on her mattress with an orthopaedic sleep other my bed doesn’t seem the same

Just got a firm mattress. Need to support back and shoulders strongly. Our old mattress was a foam mattress and u wouldn't get any support but sink into it. I am sleeping better, and hope this mattress will help. Hope u feel better .

I suffer with joint pain lots so I think I will try this how much do you put in a bath

I probably use way to much as I can go through a large bag in a week!

It doesn’t smell of anything or change the colour of the bath water so I never know. I have read on websites about 1-2 cups but I just pour it in lol

I have just been to pick up my emergency meds from the chemist couldn't see any just dead sea sault is this the same thing ? or am Looking in the wrong shop and having a senior moment

My chemist keeps it behind the counter so I had to ask for it.

Ok thank you I will go and ask now the winter is coming I do like a hot bath it helps with the painful joints

I’m the same! I also get stiff muscles so it helps to relax me and help me sleep.

The only problem is I at times get too relaxed and when I get out it’s a wrap.

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