How do you organize your medication?? Help me please

Can anyone recommend a decent pill organiser that has am and PM compartments

Preferable able to hold a months’ worth of medications or I suppose I can buy a few of them.

I am starting to detest Sundays as that is when I sort my medications out for the week and there I so bloody many of them bah!!

I have a 7 day organizer with AM and PM compartments

I have given up painting my nails because getting the tablets out of the packaging makes them chip and split :(

Not the worst problem I encounter having Lupus but still a pain in the butt

How do you guys get around this?

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I found this on tinternet:


How cute are they!!



I know! Colorful!


You guys are FAB: this is EXACTLY the question I've been asking myself lately...and this connevans organiser is pretty & practical!

So, thanks for posting your ?, wotshername, and thanks for the link shazzer!


Ask your doctor if he/she can organise for you to have blister packs. My mother has just had this and the pack is for a week with morning noon even ending and night blisters containaing the tablets that should be taken each day and at what time. She still has the odd tablet to remember which is only taken once a week but this has made life a lot simpler.


I was going to say the same, Griggser. My mother also has those blister packs. I asked my local pharmacist for me, as they order and collect my repeats and I was told I need at least 6 weeks notice. I also need to see/ask the doctor first. I intend to do this for my future repeats. My next order is due in 2 weeks time, which does not give enough time, but I will try this for the repeats after the next.


So was I. I get all my meds in the blister pk. So handy I don't think I could sort it all my self it would be too depressing to spent time looking at all the pills I take. So I just empty a blister into my hand straight into my mouth job done.

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