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Fed up of pain

Sorry to moan about something so small but my wrist is killing me. The nobbly bone between my thumb and wrist. Not done anything to it but the pain is awful..That sick pain you get.

On hydroxychloroquine and used ibuprofen gel, now just taken co codemol. Doc t I ls me to ring rheumatologist, got answer phone and could be 48 hours before I hear anything. Why won't the doctors just do something!!

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I have a thumb support for this and take steroids. I know the pain can be totally sickening.


I suffer from recurring tendonitis in my hands, which has the same type of pain that you describe. I use splints when it flares up and ibuprofen gel. I find oral painkillers are not as effective. The pain is horrific and it is so debilitating good luck with getting it sorted.


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