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Hi I haven't written for a while .but was just wondering if anybody else suffers illness bugs or generally anything going around .I have managed to pick up a horrid sickness bug which doesn't seem to want to go away ..I have lupus sorgeans raynards and sleep plus ucracaltis ( which I think I spelt right ) .I just seem to have things that linger on .have made a doctor's app not sure why as you have to go through everything as some doctors don't know enough about lupus or immune conditions ...sorry for my moan .

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  • Hi I know just what you mean. I tend to catch all the cold symptoms so easy. Someone only has to sneeze or cough from 50?feet away & I seem to come down with something. Also where most people will be better after few days I always seem to feel like crap for few weeks. Presume it's the joys of having a non existent immune system. Will tell you now it's hopeless seeing GP they know next to nothing. You'd get more sense from conversing with an inanimate object but wish you luck all the same.

  • Hello, sorry to hear you feel so rough, I was like you last year, picking up everything. I was referred to immunology after Rituximab wiped out part of my immune system. I now have immunoglobulin infusions to prop up my system and it has made a big difference, my constant urine infections have virtually stopped and I don't seem to catch

    every thing.

    Perhaps you could ask for a referral. I hope you improve soon, and am sending kind thoughts to you.

  • I have the same problem. Got one now for going on 2 weeks, just got full blown. Ears, cough, sinuses, body,now can't eat. It's usually the whole cold months I'm fighting something. Hope that's not gonna be ur case! Good luck!!

  • Lupus patients typically have low lymphocytes, white blood cells that fight disease. Additionally, the immunosuppressant drugs put them at risk for respiratory infections so vaccinations are a must.

  • I had my flu injection on the 19th Nov. I have been ill since, it triggered a flare of my Sjogrens culminating in a ear infection. On antibiotics now and hope I will feel better for Christmas. I have had previous flu jabs without any reaction.

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