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Dry flaking skin on abdomen?

Hi, I am seeing a Rheumatologist in October for my 3rd appointment. Still no definite diagnosis, he says I have possible sjogrens syndrome, definate raynauds, and possible SLE, but my blood tests and xrays are clear.

Overnight I have developed a hard shiny patch to the left of my abdomen, about the size of my hand. It is now wrinkled looking and my whole abdomen is gradually being affected, and has started to peel.

I wondered if any body else suffers this, it seems such an odd thing to happen. My skin is not overly dry normally, and I have not been in the sun.

I also seem to be losing a lot of hair recently, it feels really thin, and my fingernails are terrible, peeling in layers almost to half way down the nail bed. I do not use harsh chemicals of any sort, and always use gloves to wash up.

Best wishes Caz

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I suffer this, too, but on my lower shins/legs; hair loss, bad nails, too, but it has happened since I was given 2 courses of a broad-spectrum antibiotic in 2000 that I should not have been given with penicillin allergy. The symptoms weren't caused by infection as thought by the doctors, but by pieces of internal dressing pack mesh stuck to my insides. Now I suffer the symptoms of Lupus and more - difficult life.

The side-effects of the drugs were horrendous and I would never have taken it if I'd known, but I trusted the knowledge of doctors in the hospital.

I manage it the best way I can now with a healthy diet, but even that affects me - the nightshades, dairy, grains, etc. so on a limited diet. I think a lot of patients diagnosed with Lupus have actually been 'poisoned' by something at some point and let's face it, we live in a toxic world with traffic fumes, flight paths, smokers, other chemicals and EMF's. Some of us have become extremely sensitive to it all!


Thank you for your reply. Interesting that you have such similar symptoms. I have other problems including RLS, Degenerative Disc Disease, with inflamed facet joints, and gastric motility problems, joint and muscle pain etc. It all started after an accident, which has left me disabled. Perhaps trauma also plays a role in the onset of lupus and other diseases.

Take care,



I am sure it does, cazbaz. Sorry to hear you have so many problems. Have you tried any complementary treatments - Reiki, Bowen, Alexander technique, homoeopathy, etc.?

I'm sure there is something out there that can help in some way.

I am managing a difficult gut flare at the moment where everything is going through me - quite scary when it happens, but I just trust it will settle down if I eat carefully and I trust muscle testing to help me.

You take care, too.

Cann x


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