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Cold sores

Woke up yesterday with cold sores all over my mouth today they have covered my mouth completely and are huge and very sore I'm using cream for them but my teeth also hurt and especially under the plate of my false one (due to teeth falling out). How does everyone cope with these outbreaks. I think I'm going into a bad flare after doing to much the other day my grandson went missing and took us all day to find him. I've taken pics for my rheumy but next appointment is in November.

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I used to get terrible cold sores before I was diagnosed with JDM as a child and the creams didn't really work for me. My GP put me on Zovirax dispersible tablets which both helped clear up the virus at the time but since I was a recurrent sufferer restrained it to such an extent that I have had maybe 3 cases in 9 years and they were very small in comparison. There are some extra steps that have to be taken in immunocompromised patients like us but maybe talk to your GP about it?


Your grandson going missing is enough to cause a flare, if you are like me.

I suffer with cold-sores especially in the winter.

I eat fruit for the vitamin C because I can't take Vit. C as a supp. and use homoeopathic Rhus toxicodendron.

I get them especially after dental treatment - this sets them off for me.

I am teetering on the brink of needing a plate and like you, wonder if I will get more sores.

My dentist said she would give me a metal-free one.

I am holding out as long as possible, but know it is coming. Always having problems.

Interestingly, I read in our local lupus newsletter that Nice reported links with coeliac and dental problems and recommend children now with dental problems be checked for coeliac.

Shame I wasn't as a child and may be I wouldn't have all the problems now.

I can't eat any grains let alone gluten and I put all the childhood symptoms of illness down to being undiagnosed coeliac that turned into much worse later.

It is very difficult to get rid of the cold-sore virus from the system, but eating healthily and taking care of the self is the best way - not always possible when you have family to look after, though.


If you are on immunosuppressive drugs e.g. prednisolone,you should see gp a.s.a.p.


Thanks everyone been to the doctor this morning more medication but going to ring hospital tomorrow to speak to lupus nurse aswell


I find Superdrug's own brand of cold sore cream works the best


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