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Antinuclear Factor Question

Please could anyone tell me what an antinuclear factor of 2.3 equates to? It says on the form that it is "High" but there is no mention of a ratio or pattern. I alo have anti dsDNA of 8 (range is 0-20). All other antibodies tested were negative. Is this likely to be Lupus? (I do have symptoms and currently feel very unwell).

Thank you for your help x

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Hi DonnaldlW,

Unfortunately I am unable to comment on whether you have lupus or not as we’re not medically trained and couldn't comment on blood test results in isolation. Do you have an appointment with your consultant to discuss these results?

If you think you would find it helpful I can send one of our free information packs to you, which gives more information on the diagnosis of lupus and explains the different blood tests? Just send me a private message or an email with your address and I will pop one in the post for you.

Best wishes,




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