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White blood cells

Hi there everyone hope your all okay I was just wondering I have lupus and am always monitoring my health with blood pressure monitor and urine home test kits I know it's crazy but at 19 I'm curious of how my health is anyways I have been doing urine test for agesture and always find white blood cells in my urine no signs of infection has this got something to do with the whole lupus fiasco nothing else shows no blood, specific gravity is normal hence everything else no I no there's no infection so please help me out on this one guys

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That suggests interstitial cystitis (I.e. Inflammation of the bladder wall). Are you finding that you need to pee more often lately? Sometimes urgently? Any pelvic pain? These are symptoms of IC which can be caused by lupus.


Hi suspected this for a long time I sometimes have the urge to go this symptom comes and goes no pain I find I feel the need to go really bad irritated urge this comes and goes and is affected near the start of period and after intetcourse


Hi I have had lupus for twenty years and during that time have often had UTIs (urinary tract infections) I have to have regular blood tests due to my meds and raised white blood cells goes hand in hand with infection, my docs generally try not to have to give me antibiotics we normally treat these infections with me flushing my system through with plenty of water, I now can tell when an infection is coming on from discomfort and having to wee frequently as well as the urine being a different colour or cloudy so just drink lots of water when this happens it might be something you may want to consider doing just to flush out your system. Sometimes I have to have medication but it is not often.

I hope this helps you, good luck and take care

Madmagz x


Hi ,

The short answer is you should not have blood cells in your urine , however if you have a bladder or kidney infection you will find white cells , in your case it would seem that you perhaps have a mild infection as you do not seem to be exhibiting any physical discomfort.

You should get the test repeated at your Docs as soon as you can . Its a really good idea to do these kind of tests ourselves but its also important not to get to freaked out by the stuff we don't understand yet. well done you have practically diagnosed yourself , all you need is a medical professional to confirm it.

good luck,




Hi, I have the exact same thing happen periodically, when we were on vacation recently there was so much pressure and pain and I was going to the toilet every five minutes with the urge, but then nothing would happen. Different than my normal UTIs, which I used to get frequently. More severe and comes on in a flash.

My regular GP also suggested interstitial cystitis and so I'm looking for a good urologist here in the states. Good luck to you.


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