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Discharged from Rheumatologist

Friday I had 1st and last appointment with my Rheumatologist. Out come from appointment was vitamin D deficiency causing joint and muscle pain. No sign of SLE as far as he could tell. Came away relieved. He wanted a couple of blood test just to be sure; C2 & C3 plus Vitamin D, all other blood results came back within normal range. I also had eye test, out come very pleased slight change but that is normal with ageing... It's a shame that A&E did not pick up on the joint and muscle pain considering I informed them I had discoid lupus and photosensitive to sunlight, come to think of it even my GP didn't pick up on that one!!! Had another x-ray on my hands as the consultant felt I had arthritis in my tips of my fingers, which seems to have speeded up due to deficiency of Vit D.. All in all a good out come for me :D

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Avoiding sunlight could cause vitamin-D deficiency if there is not enough in diet / supplements ...

[ keep an eye out for tea-coloured urine just in case vitamin-D deficiency is not the cause of the myalgia ... ].


Eat more fat?




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