Not a happy bunny at all today, from an awful consultation with my GP Friday now having to make a complaint, to then calling the Rhumotology today for an appointment to be told the consultant i saw in November (who i have never saw before) has now discharged me?

Im not sure at all how he can discharge me as his not my normal consultant i see and my consultation with him was 5 minutes long, he couldn't answer any of my questions and just sent me with a mri scan on my back which came back normal, so now just because the scan is normal he has discharged me?

I explained to his receptionist that im not on no medication, i have newly been diagnosed with connective tissue disease and i have no clue what to to do now?!

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  • Are you in the UK? Contact PALS at the hospital for help and advice about sorting it out.

  • perfect, thank you.

    I did speak to the consultants receptionist but she said i will just have to go back to my gp and get them to refer me again and wait for how many months

  • How very helpful - when you were discharged in error one would feel. I would certainly expect to be told to my face that I was being discharged and on what grounds. He sent you for a scan - if it was normal he should tell you that at a follow-up appointment and what he now proposes to do.

  • Exactly so would I, but no just sent a letter to my gp and told them to now deal with me.

  • Was the diagnosis of a connective tissue disease made by your rheumy in writing and what did your GP say?

    I would go to PALS as it sounds like a really bad lack of communication at the very least. Your GP should be advising and helping you to get to the bottom of this. Hope this gets sorted out soon for you.

  • Yes I have it in writing to my self and gp aswell as inflammatory arthirits.

    I have made another appointment fot my gp tomorrow so hopefully gets sorted...

  • Good. It's totally unacceptable to discharge you from rheumatology with these diagnoses just because of a normal MRI. My x-rays and MRIs have only shown osteoarthritis but I still have high inflammation in my blood and my Sjogrens is being treated with immunesuppresants, despite no longer having the symptoms or signs of inflammatory arthritis. Hang in there and stand firm with GP tomorrow. Best of luck.

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