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Anyone on myfortic (mycophenolate sodium)?

I'm in my 3rd month on mycophenolate cellcept. I really really like cellcept!!!!! It's mostly perfect for me & helping a lot, except due to cellcept, my pre barretts oesophagus symptoms are flaring (I don't have reflux, just oesophagus lesion symptoms due to a lifetime of issues, all of which I have been lifestyle managing in all the recommended ways for decades with much success....having spent 6 years on daily nexium (& domperidone as needed) not long drs don't want me on long term proton pump inhibitors again for obvious reasons)

So, I'd be interested to hear from anyone about myfortic - especially about the transition to myfortic from cellcept, cause I understand they are so pharmacologically different that transitioning between them isn't necessarily straight each version of myco has its own special issues....(haha)

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I've been on myfortic and just was prescribed cellcept when my prescription moved on to the nhs. I haven't started it yet, now I'm worried. I have loved myfortic. No issues and feel better than in years. Hope others have found this transition easy. Can anyone else comment?


Was there a reason you were swapped from myfortic to cellcept, or were you given it in error?


Well before this thread I hadn't given it much thought as assumed it was just different brand names so not a problem. I was self paying before and the prescription has just been moved to the nhs. I think maybe I should just call my rheumy and verify what he thinks. So glad for this forum.


They are different and according to this article you should stick to the same brand if taking mycofenolate mofetil. I hope this helps.


Thanks baba

Are you on myco? If yes, which version: mofetil, cellcept or myfortic?

It's the info in links like yours that made me post my question, above.

My impression is that vvv few NHS clinics prescribe myfortic for lupus.


I have no personal experience. I think cellcept is a brand name of mycophenolate mofitil,(not sure)


Yes you've got it. 3 months ago when i started taking myco, at first I was on generic myco mofetil from my hospital, then my surgery gave me myco cellcept - which they continue to supply me.


Hi Shannon

How long were you on myfortic?

It's great you've benefitted a lot from myfortic.

Cellcept has been wonderful for me...could well be or you too.

It'll be interesting to see if any other replies come in on this subject

Thanks for joining in


Ok, so I've just been seen at my rheumatology clinic, and been told that on the NHS it is up to the gp surgery whether a patient can be on myfortic (mycophenolate sodium) because it is more expensive than cellcept. Also, it is entirely possible that a patient's response to myfortic will be significantly different from the response to cellcept. As with changing any Rx, caution is advised re changing forms of myco etc etc. all pretty much what I'd expected to hear


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