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Went to rheumy appointment last month and have now been diagnosed with CTD of some sort and fibromylagia. Have had all ena dsdna tests done all come back negative apart from RNP and ana 2 years ago was speckled patten but has been coming back normal the last couple of times am now on plaquenil 200 mg a day to control mild sle flares confused as all the information on RNP says when found on its own with no other positives point more to MCTD i am assuming as time goes on things will become more clear my rheumy seems to be very thorough and assures me that the treatment would be the same for which ever CTD it may be oh well all i can do is wait and see

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  • Hi Hopey

    I can understand your confusion that your test result possibly pointed to MCTD and yet your being treated for SLE flares with Hydroxy!. I guess the treatment would be the same , your Consultant could be responding to the symptoms you have!. Next time you see her would be worth asking her about it and say your confused . It's also a good idea that in the meantime if you develop any new symptoms to tell them as these illnesses can evolve over the years!. I hope Hydroxy works and you improve. Tough you've got Fibro too, treatment for that?. I see my Consultant today for results of similar tests . X

  • Hi - I believe that you will only be diagnosed with MCTD if your auto antibodies are clearly positive. Otherwise it is often called undifferentiated connective tissue disease (UCTD) and has a better long term prognosis for many sufferers - which is a GOOD thing! I do hope the Hydroxy/ Plaquenil works very well for you.

  • Hi I have been told I have undifferentiated CTD ,fibro ,chronic fatigue , sjorgrens and some other things ,to be honest I have stopped worrying about what is actually wrong from what I have gathered over the last 6 months is that they use the same drugs to treat me whatever I have ,as long as I feel better ,I had lupus antibiodys in my blood just under a year ago but consultant says I don't have lupus , and I don't care any more ,I have been off work since jan I can't walk very fast any more I have a mobility scooter to walk my dogs , I really tired from doing the smallest jobs rhummie won't put me back on hydrocholquinne yet there has been some concern about my heart but all being well I should be back on that soon waiting on a biopsy and a pain clinic appointment , good luck try not to worry to much ,take care Chris

  • Thanks everyone yeh i think it probably a good idea to stop worrying about it only been on plaquenil fir 2 weeks touch wood no side effects so waiting to see what difference it makes apparently it can take up to 3 months to see some benefits. I checked my dna blood results does anyone know what ds native mean is this a negative or positive result

  • Hi Hopey, my understanding is that in order for a diagnosis of Lupus to be reached (and in that I am talking about SLE which is a CTD) the blood test markers are double stranded DNA, ANA and in particular something called Crithidia. If positive over a 12 week period this is fairly conclusive of SLE.

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