Not a question just an update

In November I was diagnosed with dvt in my left leg, in February I was diagnosed with Hughs, in May after further blood tests and me being in really bad pain I was diagnosed with sjorgrens, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, pretty much straight away I was sent to the rheumy nurse who has now made an appointment for me with a support team consisting of a podiatrist, physio therapist and occupational therapist I have a new gp as well and everyone seems really great I feel much more at ease now I feel the right care is being put into place, I do need to be referred to a neurologist for my epilepsy but that right now fails into comparison with this new stuff that's going on, I might still have pain but I'm as happy as can be considering, just hope the future continues like this :-)

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bevjane....glad you got a good time helping you. Sounds good! Happy for you...


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