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not a lupus question but scared !

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The gp phoned me on fri and said the results of an ultrasound I had showed that I have a 12cm by 11cm fluid filled cyst on my right overy ! I already had an appointment to see a gyne in july so she faxed him the results. I have had pelvic pain'and constipated and bloated, although after 8 weeks I can now go to the loo properly. I feel really scared incase its cancer but if that was suspected wouldn't I have received a more urgent app ? Any stories or advice would be greatly appreciated. By the way I am 41x

19 Replies

Ask gp for appontment to discuss it and say it is worrying you, I HAD A SMALL one once.. it went on its own.. not as big as yours by the sound of it.. you are a bit young for ovarian cancer.. normally over 45?

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I will go and see my GP , I didn't know that its usually over 45 , feel a bit better now x

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Hi hun

I have had two ovarian cysts (im 28) The second one I have only just found out about from having a ct for something else. I wasnt even given a follow up appointment! The first one burst and that had been causing me pain and problems before it burst....again I didnt know I had one. The fact they know about yours they wouldnt leave you waiting if they thought something was going to happen.

Like Summer said discuss it with your GP but im pretty sure if they thought it was cancer you would be rushed through,

I know its easy for me to say but try not to worry. Do you know your gynea consultants name? You could ring your hospital and ask to speak to his secretary. Explain your concerns to her and see if they can give you another appointment.


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Thankyou , good advice ,I may go and see my Gp xxx

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please don't worry. I was on the ovarian screening programme and they found a cyst. I had also had pain in that area but hadn't connected it to a cyst. the hospital picked it up on routine screening. You would I am sure have got a quick appointment if they were worried. they sometimes leave cysts alone and they disperse naturally too. it's good that they are just checking it especially if it is a bit painful because that must be uncomfortable for you. take

care and don't worry.

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larissa in reply to jeanphillip

Thankyou ,I have also gained weight but put it down to meds and my love of chocolate lol but I've read a cyst can cause weight gain ?

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Hi Larissa,

I had an ovarian cyst removed a number of years ago, the Dr said it was the size of an grapefruit! I did't have any symptons it was found whilst I was being investigated for irregular periods. I know it's easy to say not to worry because that's what we do. I would make an appt as soon as possible with your GP and explain now that you have absorbed the info you feel anxious and worried and could he explain further. Sounds like he has the report to hand or he should be able to access it easily for you. I feel you're appt would have been brought forward if they were concerned. Do let us know the outcome. Take care.

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Thankyou for taking the time, you and others have made me feel a whole lot better x

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People with lupus can have a lot of problems with their ovaries. I had a cyst on my ovary when I was 24. I was pregnant at the time and had to have it removed. After that there were no more problems, occasionally I would experience some pain but it was manageable.

However, it was some years later when the problems really started, just before my 40th birthday my ovary ruptured and internally bled into my Fallopian Tube. I can not describe they pain. The surgeons removed the ovary and the tube, therfore, saving my life.

However, I slowly recovered from the ordeal and no longer have any problems. In my opinion I would get it checked straight away, reseach some of the problems that women with Lupus have with their ovaries so thay you have some information for the doctors and insist they do something straight away. In my opinion, as for cancer I would not worry.

Hope everything will work out for you. Best wishes Esther x

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larissa in reply to russell

Thankyou Esther , but I haven't got a diagnosis of lupus....... UCTD fibro and sjogrens x

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This may well be 'a lupus question'...

I had an op (years ago), to remove several cysts in the same area. Years later I was told the hormonal imbalance was due to my SLE. I have given birth to two children (one before the op and one after) and have had no hormonal trouble after the op. Hope it all works out just right. Good luck. xxx :)

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larissa in reply to Nightjar

Thankyou x

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It is reassuring that it is fluid filled - a cancerous cyst would be filled with all kind of tissue, not fluid. Good luck.

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larissa in reply to Purpletop

And....... Relax lol Thank god x

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Hello, I had a cyst on my right ovary-mine was not fluid though, mine was the sort that grows hair and teeth!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yuk!!) Anyway, this was long before I had been diagnosed, around 2004, but at the time my brother had just been diagnosed with cancer of one of his testicles, and in my thinking mine was the same organ but on a woman so was really worried-however, they rushed my brother in and removed the bad one (he has been given all clear now thank God) and I had to wait ages for my op-(had a hysterectomy too as was suffering with really, really bad monthlys) so I was really worried for no reason-they removed the bad ovary (said the cyst was about the size of a small orange) and left my other one as said it was 'like the ovary of a young woman'! I was 45 at the time. So what I am trying to say is this 'DON'T WORRY' if they thought that it was cancer they would have had you back in straight away (my brother went in the next day) Worry will only make Lupus symptoms worse-so keep your chin up am sure all will be well. God bless Julie xxx :-)

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Teeth ? hair ??? lol I feel so much better after reading from you lovely people ! My periods are heavier and more painful , so I wonder if i'll have anything else removed ?

Thankyou for your answer and so glad you and your brother are ok.

Lara xx

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I have had an ovarian cyst for years and years. It was painful at one point but ultra sounds showed nothing frightening. A CT scan revealed it and other cysts also-kidneys and pelvis. Sometimes Cts and ultra sounds can give us TOO much info and frighten the life out of us and we have enough problems with our lupus. People probably walked around with all sorts of maladies which went undetected before the era of screening screening screening. It is a huge industry here in the United states. You go to the doctor and they want CT scan after CT scan . Remember its your body and its your choice. Be well informed of all this implies. and good luck.CT scans are lots of radiation. I am not saying don't do it but approach with caution.

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In relation to your heavy periods. I myself suffered with this for years, as I did not want any major operations due to havin A.P.S, I chose to have a therma choice procedure. It was one of my better decisions. I no longer have problems with bleeding. However, this procedure is for women who no longer want to have children, or want to risk having a hysterectomy. Cheers Esther

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Looby in reply to russell

Russell - can you tell us what "therma choice procedure" involves? I had endometriosis for many years (no longer - I am now mid 60s) but am wondering if it is available generally, as I did not hear of it when working as a Med Sec in the early 1980s.

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