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Urine results

I recently had a urine sample taken which showed non visible blood as well as a high level of protein and leucocytes. I have just realised that the urologist I saw last week didn't mention them. Does this mean it is not a problem or is he just incompetent? I have to go to the urology clinic again on Monday shall I ask? I don't want to mention it if it is not a problem. Occasionally I get a pain either side of my pelvis deep down for a few days and wondered if it was my kidneys. Could these results indicate that?

Also, I know sweating is become a huge inconvenience - especially the last few days with the nice weather. I find I need several showers in a day and am going through deodrant by the bucket load, but the weird thing is it's not just a 'sweaty' smell but is smelling like rotten fruit! It is really embarassing as I can tell people are noticing - suddenly opening a window for example. I am wondering if I can get stronger deodrant on prescription. Has anyone else had a strange smell with excessive sweating or is it just me! :)

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Kirby....I have high levels of protein and non visible blood in urine. Found out my kidneys were scarred and that constant UTIs from lupus might be causing this. I get occasional pain in my back when my kidneys act up once and awhile and ginger tea seems to alleviate pain. Inflammation in kidneys maybe? Just my experience. Going to rheumy in July to get more blood work. I take a cranberry supplement daily to try and regulate UTIs. Don't know if it's working since I get the occasional kidney pang. Kidney dr said scarring was minimal and kidney would bulk up somewhere else to handle things. I only worry that the scarring will worsen, that is why I am going to dr. My protein and blood levels were just over the line. My sono did measure one kidney bigger than the other. Good luck with finding answers.


thanks Natura, Blood and urine samples not showing any sign of infection they say but something is going on. Seeing the specialist nurse on Monday so am going to mention it to her. Good luck in July. :)


Thanks,,u too!


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