Right arm and right breast tingling and ribs tingling

I'm 16 years old male btw, So it all started like 5 months ago when my spine started to make click noises like almost everytime i breath in and it still happens. Luckily it doesn't hurt when breath but its just annoying but thats not the problem. Next problem is that recently ive had some tingling pains (feels like nervers) in my right breast, little bit left and both sides of ribs but most right. Ive also had hard to sleep on the sides bcus my top right arm hurts and ive always sleeped like that. Basically ive had these nerve problems goin around my spine and makes my spine hurt when i sit on hard places.

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Hi there. I take it you are here because you have lupus so two things spring to mind. One is CNS lupus involvement which you can look up but I am not convinced. Second is an upper spine/neck issue which is compressing a nerve hence pain and tingling. The gp should be able to diagnose the second option and would probably prescribe anti inflammatories although I usually find one visit to a decent osteopath sorts it for me. Do you have joint hypermobility? In the meantime heat would help relax any muscle spasms xx


Thanks Sarah I will go to my local doctor tomorrow and tell everything because this issue kills me every day :l.. Thank you again.


hi sarah i ahve a lump in the back of neck/top of spine which i wasnt totally aware of until I posted a photo and someone pointed it out.right at this moment it is very sore to touch on the right side of it btu the actual bone doesn't feel too bad.i often sit with heat pads around my neck,my shoulders are also "deformed" and cannot "put them back"


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