tomatoes and lupus flare?

I dont like tomatoes much, but choke them down at times...I recently was given this huge pot of soup that was tomatoey, and chunks of tomatoes as well...My lupus is pretty mild so far, and im not even on meds right now (but being monitored)...Wow! after eating the stuff quite a bit, I seem to get super bad pain in my thumb, but not in the knuckle part.& in that second part before the fleshy part...It hurt real bad bad, but no deformity...aspirin wouldnt work...diclofenac wouldnt even work...It finally felt better after like 3 days...Ive had milder pain in that thumb before, but not like that...I think big sleeps helped a lot...I have got some worries right now...and i am a worry wart anyways...

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  • Night shade plants cause arthritic like discomfort. But, good for anti inflammatory....peppers, etc....hard to balance diet with all of this...

  • very true

  • I don't know about the cause but some of my worst pains are in my thumbs, truly sickening pain.

  • yes, sure does hurt...

  • I have reactions to tomatoes amongst other things. But so does my daughter(anaphylaxis) and son(eczema) so not sure if lupus. But my food allergies are on the increase. They are mainly fruit and veg and cause joint swelling and pain. Fatigue headaches. As lupus is an over reaction of the bodies defences this makes sense. I try things and avoid now. Skins of things are worse and my daughter says pips or seeds. Hope this helps.

  • My Dad use to get like cold type sores around his mouth from eating tomatoes...pretty sure I'm remembering that right.

  • If Lupus could be connected to diet, many, many people, many, many years ago, would not have suffered. It's more than likely a coincidence! A Lupus flare can come on at anytime, without warning! When I was first diagnosed, I didn't believe it myself. I had basically no symptoms other than abnormal labs and fatigue. Years, later, they showed their ugly face - SYSTEMIC LUPUS! Eventually, the pains started; the fatigue increased, and my eye sight got a lot worse. I take nothing for the Lupus. Only Coumadin because I've developed blood clots twice. It's not fun living with Lupus, and it's less fun, taking Coumadin, and being so restricted to what I can eat. Tomatoes are not very high in Vitamin K, so I can eat those, but only iceberg lettuce. I don't think it was the soup you ate. I'm not a doctor - but I have not read anything about tomatoes affecting Lupus. I would be curious to know the answer though?????

  • Hi Tennissenior, are you aware of any foods that worsen lupus? Are you eluding that vitamin K causes lupus flare ups?

  • I can't eat Vitamin K because of the Coumadin. The doctor doesn't want my blood to thicken. I've had DVTs twice. Vitamin K helps in clotting. Nothing to do with Lupus. Potatoes are high in potassium. Some people with kidney issues have to cut down on potassium. Lupus affects major organs. In the last 4 years, it has affected my kidneys, and I am going to a cardiologist because of "fluttering I feel in my chest. My PCP told me it could be the Lupus. Lupus is capable of attacking any organs and blood - that's where diet comes in.

  • alfalfa sprouts apparently

  • Potatoes are the same and that is why I eat little of these and tomatoes - no peppers and not too often of the first two.

  • ok...good to know

  • Hi

    I to am wondering if the food I eat has anything to do with my Lupus flares. I have started a new diet (it's the slimming world one) and my flares seem to be getting less. I have always flared every week with a very high temp, but since cutting out wheat they are so much better

    It would be interesting to see what else is flaring it

  • I have been better certainly without wheat and I find my asthma attacks more or less went after giving up dairy.

  • Hi tennissenior, have you ever considered going on a replacement to Coumadin? You should ask your dr about one of the new anticoagulants, there are no dietary restrictions or drug testing. Hope you feel better!

  • I don't think the foods cause the flare, I think I react to certain foods as an allergy, like my body overreacts to over things like infections.

  • True....My body over reacted to an antibiotic I've taken before...Ive never ever had that happen...very scary.

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