Gastrointestinal problems - Diagnosis & Causative Given = Connective Tissue Disorder

There have been several posts over the last few months from people suffering gastrointestinal problems such as:

Pain under rib, right side

Wind (Flatulence)


Food sensitivities

Dysphagia (Swallowing difficulty)


I was one of these posters, and my problems started last year. I had a Endoscopy recently, diagnosed with hiatus hernia, and oesophagitis.

I had a follow up with the Gastroenterology registrar, and she has written to my GP & Rheumatologist and has stated that in her opinion I have oesophageal dysmotility relating to connection tissue disease overlap. She has requested a 24 hr Manometry Study and a further barium swallow procedure.

Annoyingly I only saw my Rheumatologist on Monday, and this letter crossed in the post.

The real point of my post is, that GI involvement with lupus and CTD is extremely possible, and acknowledged, as proven by my diagnosis. I have to add in here, that I am extremely proactive in my medical care, by-product of being treated abysmally by some doctors over the years, and I have the cast iron support of my GP, and Rheumatologist who is simply magnificent.

I hope this may be of some help to anyone who is suffering GI wise, and being spun the line its IBS, indigestion, and it may well be, but tests to rule out Coelic, H-Pylori, Hernias, and other related issues, should be done first, or at the very least an endoscopy conducted IMO before dismissing Lupus involvement.

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Thank you Karen for the information as I am suffering from this too. I changed my diet a little and seem to be doing better on no dairy, and trying to eat Mediterranean meals. I also try to watch if something I eat bothers me. Sometimes I can't pinpoint. Surprisingly, I had a lot of bloat after eating fish, which I thought was good for you. I know my brother is allergic to shellfish, but I had tilapia. Hmm...What is the treatment for what the doctors are finding out about you? I am curious. I still have occasional trouble swallowing but the discomfort under my right rib cage has subsided. Not sure what I ate or didn't eat to make that go away, if temporary or permanent.


Natura, until I have had the manometry tests, I don't know what treatment, if any, gastroenterology will offer me, I was offered Ranitidine and an increase of my Lansoprazole, but given I believe these exacerbated my symptoms, declined that offered.


I have been the patient of several doctors this week and told me I can add a Hiatus hernia,

other gastrointestial. He has a scheduled test for me and with Parknson's I sure do not feel like spending a day with another doctor especially since there in no cure for parkinson's


Mainly due to some of Natura's postings I have again started looking for info relating to natural health remedies.

I am always aware that i may have to refer back to regular medical routines at some point. However i was introduced to Aloe Vera drinks which have vastly reduced my acid reflux. I had a few days on them with more controllable reflux, then i ran out and wasnt sure where to buy more. At this time the reflux was back with a vengence. Replenished stocks yesterday and the Gaviscon has not been used again.

I will say however that when i first started to use Gaviscon it was effective, but its less so now and doesnt prevent reflux just takes the edge off of it a bit.

The reflux is worse with fried foods so more salads or boiling/steaming/baking for me at the moment.


Thanks for this, Karen. It's really useful to hear others' experiences of gastro issues. Like you, perhaps, I was told IBS for years but have now been confirmed with a hiatus hernia, which may well explain quite a number of symptoms. I've been lucky in that I respond well to Omeprazole and I realy hope that you are given treatment which works well for you. Best wishes.


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