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New to this but saw site and so much info that I m hoping for some help... desperate for some kind of diagnosis!

I ve had various symptoms for 6 years. First vist of many to GP 6 yrs ago with stopped periods (41 at the time) and severe indigestion. Results after tests were gone through menapause( count 85) and helicobacter pylori. To cut a long story short I was eventually refered to rheumatologist after raised ESR (38) after diagnoses of 'old age', 'depression' or just all in my head. Rheumatologist in all fairness run loads of tests after suspecting lupus with symptoms I have( hair loss, indigestion, constipation, face rash, fatigue, joint pain) but all tests came back fine. Diagnosed with UCTD and put on hydroxychloroquine, within 2 weeks had a severe reaction resulting in 'Steven Johnson Syndrome' so can no longer take. Last summer developed raynauds, last winter developed allergy to cold resulting in cold hives and last couple of months possible return of periods after 3 years? ( count now 45-waiting to see gynecologist) and now nails have changed - had dry, brittle, breaking nails for some time but now developed thickening of skin under finger nails and nails coming away from bed- looks disgusting! Internet search looks like nail psoriasis? Rheumatologist seemsoto have lost interest because of blood tests being ok and has refered me to dermatologist.

So sorry for long winded post but I really am stating to get depressed and think maybe it is all in my head! Would appreciate some help

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I don't know if you'll get this reply now after so long but I'm wondering how you are getting on?


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