Am I pushing my body too much?

I did a lot this weekend between yard work, bike riding and golf. I sort of crashed every night early. Can't even make it to 8 pm some nights. Yesterday, I did my usual 10 mile bike ride, and when I came back and saw my face in the mirror.. wo! My eyes were puffy and swollen, my whole face looked swollen. I did put on #50 sunscreen on my face and was wondering if I pushed my body too much. Does anyone else do this? Should I take it easy today? Its so nice out, I want to go for a bike ride, but worried I am flaring a little, and should maybe take today off.

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  • Wow. You are so lucky to be able to do all that stuff. I struggle to walk. Anyway, either a reaction to the sun as we are told to completely avoid going in it, or could be an allergy to something. My guess is the sun xx

  • No, you wouldn't flare that suddenly, so it is far more likely that the sun got you. Don't forget that even if you apply the factor 50, you'll need to re-apply every half hour, particularly when you're going out without a hat and with the wind in your face. But sun does affect your immune system, in that the breakdown of DNA by the UV rays creates debris which activates the immune system. So the less you activate it, the better you'll feel.

  • I couldn't do a 10 yard bike ride never mind 10 miles good for you! However my face swells terribly when I have been in the sun.

  • Uggh! Thank you all for your help...I thought it might be the sun...I push myself to exercise...10 miles is hard for me, but I push. I don't think I can find a bike helmet with a wide brim hat on top! Ha!!! I have to figure something out. I can't stay out of the sun. It is my life hoo......Surprised the 50 doesn't help. I thought I might be allergic to the 50 sunscreen. I did buy a cover for the beach. Anyone know if that will work for me? It's thin and white with a hood. I always wear a hat... Beach season is coming....I think I will have to move to the country if I can't go to the beach anymore...Maybe that is my in for moving..I do want to live in the country by a river...keep dreaming!!!

  • Now that I would like to see. It would make a great advert regarding our intolerance to sun. A bike helmet with an all round wide brim for the sun. It's amazing how it can effect you. I wasn't out long in this English weather, just a couple of hours over 2 days and I'm aching today.

    Keep up the exercise though because if you don't you'll end up like me and struggling to win your fitness back xxx

  • you were saying.........

  • Now just genius

  • Brilliant, how did you find this?!

  • I went through a period of trying to cycle. I cheated though with an electric bike. At that time i searched the internet for all sorts of info on cycle stuff and came across that web site.

    The Danes and Dutch have some really nice stuff as well as well as some parts of the USA.

    It is possible to look half decent on a bike these days, with the help of the internet

  • I like it...sort of what I was thinking, but don't know if this hat will keep the sun off my though

  • I was getting more glamour with wider rim vibes from you lolx

  • Some of these might. US based

  • Ha ha ha love it. Mind I can't see the family agreeing to go anywhere with me wearing that lolx

  • Found a site in he USA where a wide rim gets attached to your helmet with straps. Got a bright yellow so people can see me on the road. Red was a little much...I like style a lot, but when it comes down to being safe on a bike and getting sun prevention, I don't mind if it seems a little silly. I can laugh at's alright with me.

  • Whathappened...I am worried if I don't exercise I will be in a wheelchair. I still have trouble climbing stairs even though I exercise. I had terrible muscle weakness a year ago. Thought I had MS. But, with exercise, I have gotten stronger, and some muscle back on my legs. I am going to have to come up with a design for a fully shielded hat. Sometimes those floppy hats don't work. They flop in my face. I almost got hit by a car pulling out of their driveway because I couldn't see with my floppy hat on. I literally touched the back of the car with my hand to stop it. They fortunately stopped right when my hand touched the car and drove off like nothing even happened. Go figure...Gotta take care of way is going to do it for you...

  • Goodness, you be careful! I used to like to cycle. I lost loads of weight before children going out 3xweek. But then they took over and we live in a small village where you need a car especially when you have children to get about.

    We all have them now, with the kids being older and on 'proper' bikes. The lads went mountain biking at the weekend which may be a bit much to start again with but ive been thinking about getting back on it. there is a safe cycle run down by the river in the next town which is pretty and flat (and safe).

    Suppose we had better look for a better design in our helmets though - no wide brims. I hate the helmets though. I have a round face and look like a bloke with boobs on the bike. Stunning lolx

  • I know...I look ridiculous in my helmet. With all the texting teenagers while driving, I will continue to wear my helmet. I wear really cool sunglasses with it so I don't look like a total dork. Sounds like a great plan for would be good for you to ride again. Take it easy....don't have to ride that sun...I am planning a design and will go up to fabric store this weekend to come up with a design. Will let u know how it works out. Will send you one if it turns out good. ha!

  • Wow you are very active alas I am unable to do all you do. I have learned over the past 30 years to listen to my body, when I am tired I sleep or rest and when i am well i 'go for it !' and overdo it ! In my book If I do more then the more i am able to do for longer - does that make sense?

  • kazp.....I understand. I feel I have to keep moving to keep moving...Ha! Now that I am thinking about it, I was tired before starting, but it was such a beautiful day...I couldn't help it. I was also wearing sunglasses, so how did my eyes get so puffy underneath if it was from the sun. I have been having that puffy under eye thing going on from time to time and can't pinpoint what causes it. I did nothing yesterday (partly because it rained) and I feel pretty good today. I probably should have not pushed so hard. My body bounces back fast though. Hours later, the puffiness was gone. Interesting....Keep moving...

  • Alas, I have found out that this might not all be sun related. Started thinking I was wearing sunglasses. Why would my eyes puff up....talked to nutrition guy in health food store again, my buddy, Charlie...(He worked at a hospital and is going to school for nutrition) and I told him about my face blowing up and when I walk I see my hands and arms retain water. He said its my lymphatic system. Aha! Told me to take Astaxanthin an hour before exercise. I am going to try and let u know how it works. This also supports skin health during normal sun exposure. I am psyched, except that it is not that cheap. I try to exercise once a day, so I will only need one a day.

  • Natura, with an over active immune system we are told here to be very careful what we take besides the medication prescribed, to avoid compounding side effects. We are also encouraged to mention these remedies to our doctors so that they can guide us as to what would create issues.

    You mentioned on several occasions that you're taking natural or off-prescription remedies and you seem to feel better for it. Is the US system different in terms of how other remedies are viewed?

  • Astaxanthin should not be taken with those with immune disorders. I again trusted a nutrtitionist without researching first. I apologize. I did not see any adverse side effects. And my puffy eyes went away when I took it. Oh well. Too bad. Also parathyroid disorders . I am slightly hypothyroid. I will stop taking and try to resort to yoga, dancing, brisk walking and trampoline jumping to clean up lymphatic system. I will continue to research. Told to cleanse kidneys, colon and liver to cleanse lymphatic system to work better... I am tired just thinking about all this...more work...

  • Purpletop.....taking natural supplements is a personal choice of mine. I am only sharing. I thought that is what this site is for. Each person has to make their own decision on their treatment. I am doing my own r&d (research and development) because I don't want to take meds because of the side effects, plus I don't know how my body will react, and my body doesn't recognize synthetic meds. Yes, I believe that if you are on meds you should talk to your doctor first to see if there is an interaction. That is common sense. Drs push drugs in the US too. I have read in many places that these meds people take relieve symptoms of lupus, they are not cures. You might want to watch the movie, Dallas buyers club...basically the medical community couldn't help aids victims. The drs gave him 30 days to live. He went on whole foods, natural vitamins and a protein for the brain and lived 7 years. You do the math. Your choice. No one is breaking your arm to take natural supplements.

  • My question was - is the US system the same as the UK system, I.e. that advises you to speak to your doctor first. I get the choice thing. I am, however, interested in the way the system works across the pond, I.e. matter of policy. Just for comparison purposes.

  • Yes....GP advised to see a rheumatologist. I made an appt. had to wait 3 months for one and cancelled because I figured I would just be put on meds, which I am not interested in doing. I have terrible health ins (Obamacare) and have a $2000 deductible. I don't have the money to see one anyway.

  • Yes, I get the impression we in the uk should be thankful for the NHS. Terrible to have to make choices re health in this way. Thank you for the clarification.

  • Thanks for understanding purpletop. It is terrible. I would probably go to a rheumy if to keep tabs on whether I am getting to the point where I would need some meds maybe. Going to continue exercise and nutrition. I am not getting worse except for joint pain. Even exercise doesn't take that away or make the pain ease.

  • I, like you, do not like the idea of taking meds. In the beginning I attempted to self treat for ages but then some sort of immune attack stopped my swallowing response when I was abroad pn holiday and a doctors quick steroid intervention allowed me to see that there can also be benefits. That has been the same with each additional pill I have added. I still try to rein back and reduce my intake where possible and like you i believe that diet may be a contributary factor but the meds provide a sort of sticking plaster until the real solution is found

  • I agree but i actually go further than this - we seem to be much more comfortable taking these alternative remedies but they haven't been tested, they're not subject to regulation and who knows what chemical processes have been used to produce them. I have no idea why we are scared of the official meds but prepared to ingest 'natural' remedies. Im not saying that some aren't good and useful, I just marvel at the way we think.

  • All I know is the digestive enzyme I started taking a couple of months ago fixed my leaky gut. I have been dizzy for 5 years and it was getting worse. I started taking this and my dizziness is gone. My brain is back. I am still forgetful, but not as bad. What would a doctor give me? I went to a gastro years ago complaining that my intestines were not working. He gave me something I forget the name. I took it for 3 months. I found out later it was taken off the market for being dangerous. Nice! Who can claim that medicine is better? I don't know if you have the same advertisements for medicine over there as in the US. But, the side effects can range from diarrhea to may cause liver disease, cancer and even death. I am not interested in taking those. And doesn't steroids make you puff up and gain weight. Then you have heart disease and more joint problems. Plus the fact that when my husband got steroids in the hospital because he couldn't breathe from his asthma, he was a real jerk the next day. Like he was some angry, crazy bull. I have to believe that a company would not make a product that doesn't work. They would be out of business. Why is there so much scrutiny with natural treatment? Doctors don't even have the answers. They just treat the symptom. How about fix where it is starting from? And yes, I do believe there are times when the body is in distress that medicine is needed. I am not arguing that we don't need any medicine.

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