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Could this be lupus ?

Could this be lupus ?


I have had so many symptoms for a number if years had blood test after blood test, all being normal. For the last year and a half just getting worse. Fatigue, pain burning in joints and feet, sore dry mouth, dry eye, etc.

the attached photo is how I was last summer, was like this for 4 weeks gp didn't know what it was and wasn't really bothered. I have been out in the sun we have had so far this year and rash is starting again.

I would be grateful for any help thank you

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His staffychick, that looks really sore !!! You need a better GP,(this is possible,) and a dermatologist. It took me years to be diagnosed, and a Dermo did it first. I put myself in the sun, like you, and paid for a one off appt with a private Dermotologist. He transferred me to his NHS clinic, and the rest is history. If I had waited for an NHS Dermo, my rash probably wouldn't have been flaring, due to the lack of sunshine in this country.!!!! Definitely change your GP, if you cannot afford a private consultation. Nobody should have to put up with this, without a good reason keep all photos and keep a symptom diary.


oh poo r you that is so gp has often said he doesn't know what something is and that he hasn't heard of things ive put to him as shared by other members.what are we to do.despite clearly visible symptoms they dismiss them as bloods are so called still battling to get a diagnosis after 3 years tho some its taken a lot longer.hope you get something sorted soon .good luck.persevere.


Have you been tested for Sjorgens? Ask for Rheumatolgy and Dermatology referral. No way should they not be getting to the bottom of this. Good luck xx


Hi, I had that very same rash! It turned out to be an anti ageing serum mixed with the sun. I was using that boots no 7. I think it was the amazing engredient that they put in it. The doctor gave me aveeno face cream that is fab and also sunsense factor 50. Then I wear big funky sunglasses. Since then I have managed to keep it at bay.

Dermalogica have fabulous products as do Temple Spa.

I hope this helps.

I feel for you,



28 years!!!

28 years ago it was first suggested to me that I may have Lupus. During the time since I have had any number of half-assed diagnosis. And during that time I have always somehow or other managed to eventually pull myself out of whatever flare I have suffered and eventually dragged myself back to work, sometimes feeling better, mostly though just managing the symptoms, pain or depression just enough to get me bye. I have over the years though generally been getting gradually worse (some years better than others but it has been a gradual decline). Now though this time it has been over 3 months and still I can't pull myself out of it and resume my life, which should right now be filled with huge optimism.

I have resolved though that this is it! This year I will not give into the first punt at what this may be and accept whatever inadequate serum they throw at me. No this year I will keep going no matter what the diversion they chuck in my direction, this year I will get the answers and will get the treatment that my body and efforts have for so long screamed out for.

Perhaps we should PM or even contact each other and support each other through to a positive conclusion.


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