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Psoriasis arthritis


Hi. Recently been to the rhumy and he got quite animated this time. He has referred me to a rhumy nurse as he now wants me to go on methotrexate, he now thinks psoriatic arthritis. He still wants me on hydroxychloroqine though. My hubby asked if he still thought lupus but he said although my tests said possibly I didnt quite fit. Hubby also asked about the fibromyalgia and he said I probably still had that. Im managing the pain to a point with tramadol, am careful of not overdoing things and pacing myself. I dropped a day at work and feel much better for just working four full days now. App with nurse on the 29th april. Keep your fingers crossed for me please. Xx A happy and pain free easter is wished with love for you all xx

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Hope all goes well for you. My husband had psoriatic arthritis diagnosed about 7 years ago (He told them what it was as he had been a lifelong sufferer from psoriasis and he was getting symptoms of arthritis) methotrexate was one of the things they tried, but with no success so eventually he was put onto one of the newer biological drugs Abdulimabab (not sure of the spelling). Worked like magic.

Easter wishes for you too and hope you can enjoy summer.


Thank you Margaret. I hope I have some positive reactions to it. I didnt believe I had psoriasis, eachtime I was asked I replied no. This time he looked at my elbows and said yes you have...there. I have shown him before but hes never bothered before. I thought I had fungal nail but he said no that too was psoriasis, again I have suffered with this same fungal nail for well over a year now and have previously shown him and he said to go to drs for something for it. As you can imagine I feel quite exhausted with it could be this that and the other and we won't take you off thia drug but give you this one too. Sorry im ranting. Thanks for your reply xx hopw your hubby is well x

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